Taurus, Libra, Scorpio: Zodiac signs ranked based on their flirting skills

While some people are pros at flirting and can easily approach new people, others are not that big a fan of flirting. Astrology plays a big role in determining the flirting skills of every person. So we ranked all the 12 zodiac signs from most to least flirty.
Taurus, Libra, Scorpio: Zodiac signs ranked based on their flirting skills Taurus, Libra, Scorpio: Zodiac signs ranked based on their flirting skills
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Being a flirt is not necessarily a bad thing. In fact, it makes you come across as confident, bold and outgoing. For some people, flirting comes naturally to them. They don’t really have to think of a cool pickup line and can flirt without looking like a creep! While for others, flirting is not such an easy task and even thinking of it, can make their palms sweaty.


Astrology can reveal the zodiac signs who are pro at flirting and can’t help but flirt with every person they meet, and those signs that aren’t really that comfortable with flirting. So here are all the 12 zodiac signs ranked from most to least flirty.




Aries-born people are outgoing and extroverted. They don’t have any problems flirting with someone if they are attracted to them. They can easily charm their way into their hearts with their effortless flirting.




Geminis are blessed with the talent of talking to anybody about anything under the sun. They are not afraid to show their attraction towards someone and can easily go up to them and flirt with them to glory! They are huge flirts and are always busy trying to impress someone or the other.




Leos are bold, confident, outgoing and extroverted. If they are attracted to someone, they will not sit in a corner waiting for them to notice them. They will instead go up to them and charm them with their self-confidence, wit and humour. 




Virgos can easily attract people towards them with their flirtatious nature. They are often thought to be as too stuck up to flirt, but this couldn’t be far from the truth. Virgos have it in them to flirt and impress a person that they are smitten with and have no qualms in calling themselves a flirt.




Scorpios are huge flirts! They use their charming and mysterious personality to attract people towards them. They flirt effortlessly and don’t really have to think things through when they approach someone pretty or attractive. 



Cancerians are driven by emotion. They love the idea of meeting new people but can’t really get themselves to flirt with them. However, when someone tries to flirt with them, they do get the hint easily and play along.




Capricorns flirt, but only with select people. They are choosy and have very high standards. They will only flirt with people who they think deserve their attention! They are highly selective and don’t believe in flirting with whoever comes their way.




Taureans think of them as natural flirts who effortlessly charm their way into people’s hearts. But sadly, this is not true. They fumble, struggle and stumble while flirting and are not exactly pros at it. But they do try their best flirt when someone cute crosses their path!




Since Sagittarians are polite and kind to everybody, people take their flirting as their politeness. They don’t get the fact that Sagittarians are trying to hit on them. This is what makes Sagittarians to stop trying to flirt and wait for people to flirt with them instead.



Librans are used to meeting new people and dealing with different temperaments. This is what makes them quick to approach new people and skip the flirting process. When they like someone, they prefer being straightforward and direct and asking them out on a date instead of wasting time flirting.  




Aquarians are too sensitive and intense to flirt with people. They would much rather talk to people about art, poetry and music instead of using cheesy pick up lines on them. They aren’t thus, not a big fan of flirting.




Pisces-born people are simply too shy to flirt. They are introverted and quiet and don’t have the courage to approach people and flirt with them. They would prefer waiting for the other person to approach them and flirt with them, instead of them going out of their way to impress the other person.

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