Taurus, Libra, Virgo: ALL the zodiac signs who are most likely to ruin their lives

When life's going good, these zodiac signs don't let it. They find a way to screw things up and ruin their own life. Find out if you are part of this.
Taurus, Libra, Virgo: ALL the zodiac signs who are most likely to ruin their lives
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Most times, life goes on a smooth road. Sure, there are ups and downs and quite a few hurdles, but that's what makes it great. But some people, just can't see their life going as well as it is. For them, there has to be a massive turbulence or a rod block that screws it up and makes things worse. 
Ups and downs for these people just aren't enough. They are just hell bent upon ruining their life and screwing things up. Read on to know who these signs are!


You don't make yourself a priority at all. You hate to disappoint people but you hate being selfish. You literally ruin your life by giving too much heed about what other people want, following their demands, thinking too much about letting them down without giving yourself a break at all. 


You tend to ruin your own life by letting your internal fears hold you back. You never ever step out of your comfort zone and that's where the real fun is. You don't believe in the idea of growing through learning and that's what holds you back. 


You don't live your life to your fullest. You plan everything carefully and are too busy saving, organising and making sure you have the potential to live life with complete independence. You are too busy growing up and not living in the moment. That is what is ruining your life and you can't seem to stop it. 


You tend to compare things with others too much. Yes, there will always be somebody who has a better job, a better love life, a better set of friends than you do, but that doesn't mean what you have is bad. You are constantly ruining your life by not being content with what you have and always wondering if you are missing out on things. 


You tend to build up the past and think of it as better than what it actually is. You tend to lessen the value of each day and don't ever appreciate it unless it has gone by. You don't live your life in the moment and are constantly living in the past, which is what is ruining your life. 

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