Taurus to Leo: 4 Zodiac Signs Who Reconnect with an Ex After a Fight with Their New Partners

No matter how painful the breakup with an ex is, some zodiac signs tend to flee to the comfort of an ex’s arms whenever they fight with their current partners.

Published on Feb 06, 2023   |  10:54 AM IST  |  128K
Zodiac Signs Who Reconnect with an Ex After a Fight with Their New Partners
Zodiac Signs Who Reconnect with an Ex After a Fight with Their New Partners

Reestablishing contact with an ex while being in a new relationship is undoubtedly daunting. Yet, some people cannot seem to avoid this because they were previously an important part of your life. It is normal to want to maintain or rekindle that bond even decades afterward. But some star signs tend to do this when they get into a difference of opinion with their current partner. They then risk the chance of unresolved emotions interfering, even if you don't feel or notice them at first. 

See which four zodiac signs are most likely to reconnect with their ex-partner when they are irked by their current lover.

1.       Taurus

An evolved Taurus can be inflexible and fixated in relationships, so they stay in it to the very end. However, an emotionally immature Bull may be a little petty. This ensures that the smallest spat with their lover might make them do whatever it takes to gain their ex-partner’s attention because they still harbor affection for them even after a split.

2.       Aquarius

This air sign may seem witty and carefree, but they continue to battle with deep-seated fears after ending their past relationships. Their lingering feelings ensure that even after a split, they would do anything to attract their ex's interest. This is evident after they have a minor argument with their new love, as they confide in their ex to seek a sense of cozy relief.

3.       Gemini

This air sign usually comes across as very secure. But they could suffer a setback after a major fight with their current lover, which makes them lose confidence in themselves. Because of this, they frequently reach out to their ex to experience the comfort and sense of familiarity that they brought into their lives.

4.       Leo

Since they are attention seekers, Leos frequently dislike it when someone else receives attention. When their partner seems to favor a work colleague or has a bestie of the opposite sex, they wish to make them feel envious. Hence, they hang out with their ex to show their current partner what they are missing, because they want to relish the thrill of being pursued.

Not all star signs react in a healthy way after having minor disagreements with their mates. Some of these signs act in ways their lover may find objectionable, especially when they meet their ex to extract retribution and arouse jealousy in their current partners.

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