Taurus to Leo: Zodiac Signs That Take Longest to Move On from Their Ex

The astrological signs listed below might even take months or even years to get over their ex.

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Zodiac Signs That Take Longest to Move On from Their Ex
Zodiac Signs That Take Longest to Move On from Their Ex

Some people are more sensitive to breakups than others. It can be simple for these people to get into the self-deprecation trap after losing a partner and never escaping it. These people may take the longest to get over their ex and move on from their broken relationship because losing a romantic partner can, in certain cases, result in the loss of one's sense of self for them. Similar to this, some zodiac signs experience a great deal of discomfort when these feelings of love for their former partner linger longer than usual to disappear. These zodiac signs have been in denial about their separation for a very long time and find it difficult to face the unpleasant reality of it.

Check out these 5 zodiac signs who take the longest to get over their exes.


When they start a relationship, Taurus people want their connections to last forever. Therefore, they find it tough to end a relationship, regardless of who wishes to do so. They struggle with accepting the fact that their partner is no longer their soulmate and spend a lot of time trying to relive those events in the past. They are also quite adamant about their decisions, and if they believe that the moment is not yet perfect for them to move on, nobody can convince them otherwise.


No matter how assured they appear to be, Leos become clumsy and depressed during a breakup. When their heart is shattered, they find it extremely difficult to forgive the person in whom they have put their emotions and attention, and they quickly turn envious and self-absorbed. Although members of this zodiac are aware of how important it is to let the past go, it often takes them longer than usual to do so. Typically, these people are more focused on their past experiences with their ex-partners than on the actual ex-partners.


Virgos frequently doubt themselves for a very long time, which makes it very difficult to move on. The classic Virgo is forever attached to their past love and may remain single for several months or even years. They grow tough and resilient after being harmed by someone and always immerse themselves in memories of the past. These earth signs have the hardest time moving past their past and take the longest to create new relationships.

Zodiac Signs That Take Longest to Move On from Their Ex


They are by nature intense and highly sensitive. They would choose to spend their entire lives together with their partner if they could. Therefore, if they experience heartbreak, it takes them a very long time to recover. After a breakup, they frequently feel betrayed and find it difficult to let go of their ex. Once they have found their ideal partner, they find it difficult to think about other people or things since they are constantly tormented by flashbacks of their previous relationship. Moving on after becoming emotionally invested in one partner is strictly forbidden for them.



When Aquarius does fall in love, they want to be with that person forever because they have a hard time falling in love themselves. Letting go after a breakup is difficult for an Aquarian because, once they become emotionally and physically attached to someone, they find it difficult to picture a future without them. For Aquarius, moving on is more difficult than their calm exterior might seem. They will go to great lengths to avoid admitting their sadness when a relationship ends unexpectedly.

These zodiac signs' broken hearts can never be fully healed, and they frequently take longer than other people to get over an ex.


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