Taurus, Virgo, Leo, Aquarius: The one thing you are scared of losing based on your zodiac sign

No matter how much you have and how much you are loved, everybody is afraid of losing something. This is what it is based on your zodiac sign.
Taurus, Virgo, Leo, Aquarius: The one thing you are scared of losing based on your zodiac sign
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Life is no easy. It has its ups and downs, wins and losses. Losing people, things, friends, family, careers, etc. is all part of life. It is not easy, but it happens. Losing somebody or something very close to you, changes you as a person and also teaches you a of lessons. It teaches you you life your life to the fullest, appreciate what you have and live life to the fullest. 

Losing yourself, people and more also enables you to find your new purpose in life, find yourself again and start from the beginning. It teaches you that life is not going to be easy, there will be losses but you need to live it well, despite all of it. 
Here is what you are most afraid of losing, based on your zodiac sign. 


Your friends are your life and soul. You are extremely close to them and share everything there is with them. Losing them is the one thing you are most afraid of. 


You have worked hard to get where you are at. Yes, you might want to take a break from it all from time to time but you can't take one because you are most afraid to to take a step back, take a break because you think you will lose all the progress you made. 


You have a drive like no other and settling for something is not an option for you. The one thing you are most afraid of, is settling and in turn losing your drive to succeed. 


You are one of the most positive people around and can't tolerate negativity. The one thing you are extremely fearful of losing is your sense of optimism and turning into a pessimist. 


You have pushed yourself to be in the happy, satisfied space you currently reside in. You are terrified of losing your cool and spiraling into a bad place. 


Relationships mean a lot to you. You give it your all and tend to forget everything when you are in a relationship. But you are extremely scared of losing yourself in a relationship and it is not something you ever want for yourself. 


Your best friend is the one person who is closest to you and cannot be replaced. Your biggest fear is losing this one person - your soulmate, your true love and your best friend all in one. 


You have loved and lost in your life. Now, the only thing that remains with you are your memories. Your biggest fear is losing these memories that you hold so close and are so dear to you. 


You have serious control issues and love being in control of everything form your life to other people. Your fear losing your self control and messing up your life royally!


Your temper has caused some big fall-outs in your life. It is the one thing that constantly keeps firing up your life. Your biggest fear is losing your temper and eventually pushing away everybody you love and being alone. 


The one thing that keeps you sane is your vibrant imagination and communication ability. As you grow older and busy with you life, you fear losing your imagination the most. 


Your dreams and passions are the driving factors in your life. Your biggest fear is losing your patience and giving up on your dreams because they took too long to achieve. 

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