Technology Tips: Follow THESE steps to create an Instagram business account

Want to use Instagram to promote your business? Then check out these steps given below to create an Instagram business account.
Follow THESE steps to create an Instagram business account Follow THESE steps to create an Instagram business account
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Instagram is a popular social media application that is used by millions of people around the world. Most people use it to connect with other users, share their pictures, videos, etc. But there are some people who use this application for promoting their business and do networking for their business. 

Since Instagram is used by hundreds and thousands of people, it is the best place to spread the word about a relatively new business and market your products and services. So if you are thinking of using Instagram to promote your business, then follow these detailed steps to create a business account on Instagram.

Step 1


The first step is to have an email address for your Instagram business account. While it is the easiest to use your already existing email address or Instagram account to create a business account, it is recommended to create a business email address exclusively for the business account. 


Step 2


For the username, you can use the company’s name and choose "business account" from "settings". Pick a category that your business belongs to. Next, add a catchy bio that perfectly describes what your business is all about.



Step 3


Add a profile picture for your business account. It can be the logo of your brand. Now, you need to start adding posts and pictures to your account to let people know more about your business. 


Step 4


Finally, the last step is that you have to find people via Facebook. This will ensure a sufficient following on your business account and will let your friends on Facebook know about your business venture. Spread the word and you are all set!


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