Technology Tips: A step by step guide to adding music on Instagram story

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Technology Tips: A step by step guide to adding music on Instagram story

Instagram is a social media application that is extremely popular. This social media platform has tons of features to keep its users hooked. Some interesting features of this social media application include tagging people, adding GIFs, location, filters, and music to Instagram stories. 

Adding music to Instagram stories make them appealing and interesting and is an easy way to attract the attention of your followers.  So if you want to add your favourite track to your Instagram story, then follow the step-by-step guide given below.

Step 1

Click a picture or create a video to add to your Instagram story. Open Instagram on your phone and tap on your profile picture in the top left corner to upload the story.

Step 2

Next, tap on the square-shaped smiley face icon from the top panel and then tap on “Music”. This will open the songs library of Instagram.

Step 3

Choose any song that you like from either the “For you” section or the “Browse” section. Once the song is chosen, you now need to choose the style.

Step 4

You can either choose the lyrics format or a simple sticker of the track. Further, you can also choose the part of the song that you want to add to your Instagram story. Once chosen, simply click on “Done” and upload the story.

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