THESE 2 zodiac signs are most likely to be your enemies as per astrology

According to astrology, there are two zodiac signs who can be your great enemies as per your sun signs. They will somehow not like one of your traits which may lead to a fight. So, read on to know them below.

Updated on Jun 02, 2020 08:52 AM IST  |  46.1M
THESE 2 zodiac signs are most likely to be your enemies as per astrology
THESE 2 zodiac signs are most likely to be your enemies as per astrology
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People often disagree with us and can’t understand our feelings. So, they don’t want think about things that much which they cannot understand or deal with. This often creates problems in their relationship. When you don’t respond to certain feelings of your dear ones, they may feel hurt about it and then stop expressing their feelings. This creates distance in the bonding and makes you enemy of that person.

But you are not doing it intentionally. This happens because of our zodiac traits often. You two maybe can't get along well based on your zodiac personality traits. There are two zodiac signs who can be turned into your enemies. Let’s find out which are they below.

These zodiac signs can be your enemies based on astrology:


Your biggest enemies will be another Aries and Leo. You tend to force everyone for something a lot and this trait of yours will make another Aries your enemy because you both will hold on to this behaviour. Aries and Leo are both egoistic and that’s the main problem. Leo can hold on to the grudges and Aries will be happy to shut them in an argument.


The most stubborn person of all the zodiac signs, Taurus tends to make Aquarius and Scorpio their biggest enemies. They all are always determined to get what they want. So, it makes them anxious when they can observe that someone is not agreeing with their view point.


Basically, Geminis are quite friendly, but their enemies are another Gemini and Capricorn. Geminis tend to consider them as always right on every perspective. And this makes a Gemini a big enemy of another Gemini as they both fight to put their own verdict forward.


Aries and Sagittarius are the biggest enemies of Cancerians and this is because of Cancerian’s highly emotions and sensitivity. Cancerians share their deep feelings with only their trusted ones. But Aries can even share their sad moment in social media profiles as well. This may make a Cancerian crazy. And Sagittarius really don’t invest on emotional feelings, which hurts a Cancer person a lot.


Leo might not be on good terms with Taurus and Scorpio because they are very egoistic and stubborn. They will always want to prove their point irrespective of what others are saying.


Virgos are blessed with patience, planning, maintenance. They tend to do everything meticulously which makes Aries and Sagittarius really angry at them because these two zodiac signs don’t like to do things meticulously, they believe in spontaneity.


Librans think about everyone to make them happy. But they are not so good with Scorpio and Virgo because Scorpio tends to not show love, which is hard to handle for Librans. Virgos can take decisions quickly and Libra can’t even decide.


Scorpions are highly manipulative and they will always make plans to make people work in their own way. So, they are not so good with Leo and Aquarius. Leos are very competitive which makes it hard for the Scorpio to fight. And Aquarians don’t like manipulation or mind games at all, so they get angry on Scorpio easily.


This sign will definitely have a rivalry with Pisces and Aquarius. Sagittarius people want to solve problems and move on, but Pisces wants to hold on to the same thing which makes them offended. Sagittarius and Aquarius can really fight for the entire life. because they will never agree to disagree and always try to say one last word in the argument.


These people are known for their hard work, dedication and strong personality, but they don't put forward their best behaviour when it comes to dealing with Cancer and Libra. Cancer is very mild in their nature which is not appreciated by a Capricorn. Librans like to please people always which a Capricorn will always hate to see.


Aquarius tends to be enemies with Capricorn and Taurus. Taureans like to follow rules and Aquarius wants to do everything their own way. Capricorn likes to take control of everything which is not allowed by an Aquarian.  


Pisces are sensitive and imaginative. They are not so good with Virgo and Gemini because these two signs often cannot understand their way of looking at everything. Gemini wants to solve problems by talking to others and Pisces feels very shy about it. Virgo believes in having boundaries, which hurts Pisceans a lot.

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