THESE 4 zodiac signs almost ALWAYS fall for the wrong person

People belonging to these 4 zodiac signs tend to ignore the warning signs and end up falling for the wrong person! Read on to know if your zodiac sign is one of them!
THESE 4 zodiac signs almost ALWAYS fall for the wrong person THESE 4 zodiac signs almost ALWAYS fall for the wrong person
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Love can compel you to do stupid things. When you love someone, you don’t really notice their flaws or imperfections and tend to hopelessly adore and admire them. You also don’t notice the fact that they might not be the one for you and may hurt you in the long run by breaking your heart.


There are many warning signs and red flags that you notice at the beginning of the relationship, but you tend to ignore them due to your undying love for them. Sounds familiar? Then chances are that you belong to one of these 4 zodiac signs!




Aries-born people like to be on top, be it on the professional front or personal. They might date someone just to be popular or just to show off that they managed to get such a catch. Thus, they might fall for someone purely based on their popularity level and not on their personality.




Geminis have this need to constantly be surrounded by people. They don’t like the idea of being alone. Thus, to combat their loneliness, they sometimes settle. They fall in love with whoever they come across and start dating them just to not feel alone and miserable.




Since Cancerians are emotional, they tend to fall for someone who gives them even the slightest of attention and love. They get very attached to them and end up getting their heart broken when that person plays with their feelings or blames them for being too clingy.


Sagittarians want someone who will give them their personal space and who will let them be. They want someone who will not suffocate them and will also pose a challenge instead of being easy. They, thus, tend to fall for people who play hard to get and who show zilch interest in them!

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Anonymous 1 week ago

I'm a Cancer, and the part about my sign is the truest thing I ever heard (and I'm not being sarcastic! It's true ;-;)