THESE 4 zodiac signs are impossible to read

While some people communicate, express and live an open book life, there are others who always have their guard on and never reveal their emotions to the world.
THESE 4 zodiac signs are impossible to read THESE 4 zodiac signs are impossible to read
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Usually, you can figure out what is going on in the other person’s mind by either listening to what they are saying or by observing their body language. While such people are quite transparent and show what they feel, there are others who always have a poker face, i.e a straight and expressionless face that is impossible to read.

The reason behind their poker face can often be their resistance towards showing their emotions and showing their vulnerable side to the world. Here are some such zodiac signs who tend to keep a deadpan look on their faces and who, therefore, are almost impossible to read.


Geminis are a pro at concealing their emotions. They make it a point to never show their weak side or even show their real side to anyone and feel safe when they have a facade on.


They are mysterious beings who keep everything under wraps. Be it their personal life or even their likes and dislikes. They do not like making such information public and easily accessible and therefore are always keeping a cold expression. 


While they might be all hunky-dory with you, it is not the truth. Cancerians tend to keep their real emotions hidden with fake happiness and excitement. They’ll pretend like everything’s fine when in reality, they might be having a nervous breakdown. 


They make deliberate efforts to become impossible to read. Scorpios make sure to never reveal their true feelings. They tend to have their guard on most of the times to avoid getting hurt by showing their vulnerable side to someone untrustworthy.

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