THESE 4 zodiac signs are submissive and docile

While some people like calling the shots and being dominant, others are happy being submissive and passive. Have a look at 4 such zodiac signs who are submissive and obedient.
zodiac signs who are submissive and docile THESE 4 zodiac signs are submissive and docile
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Being submissive is not necessarily a bad thing. Being submissive means being obedient or ready to conform to authority. Such people who don't want to lead the pack will be more than happy if someone else leads it and takes initiative. They are not too keen on being dominating and assertive.

They like following instructions and surrendering to those in authority. They aren’t insecure and thus, feel comfortable when dominated. According to astrology, these are the 4 zodiac signs who are submissive and passive and who like when someone else calls the shots. 


Taureans like it when other people do things for them as they don’t want the stress of making decisions and being held accountable for them. They like it when others can handle the finer details of things and simply tell them what to do and what not to do. 


Geminis are people-pleasers. They are flexible and adaptable and thus, are open to the idea of other people making decisions for them. They get anxious when they have to take charge and thus are happy when others dominate them. 


Cancerians are big on emotions. They are sentimental, sweet and observant. They thus, don’t like to take action and initiative and like surrendering to those in power. They like when the other person is dominating and they simply have to follow them and do what they say.


Librans like impressing people and being their favourites, and if this involves being submissive and blindly following their instructions, so be it. Librans have no qualms in admitting their passiveness and simply getting guided by other people.

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