THESE 4 zodiac signs hate working and are incredibly lazy

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THESE 4 zodiac signs hate working and are incredibly lazy

We love roaming around in our pyjamas and being a couch potato on weekends. From binge-watching our favourite series to hogging like a pig, we do it all! But there are some people who love doing these things almost everyday. They enjoy being unproductive and a lazy lump of lard and couldn’t care less about working hard or pushing themselves.

Such people simply don’t have it in them to slog everyday to earn money or to achieve success and are lazy, inefficient and passive. Astrologically speaking, here are the 4 zodiac signs who hate working and couldn’t be less bothered about being driven and ambitious!


Taureans aren’t made for slogging in the office everyday and living a monotonous life. They don’t have the temperament to work hard or to push themselves. They are spoilt brats who want to live life king size, surrounded by luxuries, without having to work for it.


Leos love being the centre of attention. They are creative and passionate, but not necessarily hard workers. They like being in the limelight but don’t want to work hard or push their limits to earn it. They are talented and attractive, but their laziness tends to overshadow their qualities. 


Sagittarians don’t want to be confined or restricted. They want to explore, travel and be free. Sure, they work as they need money to travel the world, but they don’t put in any extra efforts to outshine their colleagues or to be the employee of the year! They simply work because they have to and not by choice!


Aquarians have big dreams and ambitions, but they tend to lack in implementation. They have a plan but don’t want to follow it! They are sharp and intelligent but not a go-getter or a dedicated worker and thus, don’t really like pushing themselves to achieve their goals.

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Anonymous : These 4 signs hate doing mundane and repetitive tasks. They enjoy work when it is creative, fast moving, new and exciting. So don't hire them as a personal assistant. Hire them as creative directors.
REPLY 0 1 month ago
Anonymous : Im a Aquarius and I am a go getter hard worker .So I don't know what they talkin about
REPLY 0 1 month ago
Anonymous : I am a Leo star sign and always worked hard and good team player as well
REPLY 1 2 months ago
Anonymous : These are accurate. Some of you may not connect to your sun sign traits because you moreso embody your rising sign- so find out what that is for you & look to that rather than your sun sign.
REPLY 1 2 months ago
Anonymous : I am so a Taurus and work my tail off, home and office
REPLY 3 2 months ago
Anonymous : I am a Leo and I work so hard
REPLY 4 2 months ago
Anonymous : I agree with you!
REPLY 0 2 months ago
Anonymous : Haha I had a laugh after reading this .. LOL
REPLY 1 2 months ago
Anonymous : I am Taurian and this is utter rubbish. Where in the world these astrologers get these ideas ?
REPLY 15 2 months ago