These 5 signs can tell you if you are emotionally stressed

Everyone deals with stress, be it emotional or physical stress. It is important to know the signs of emotional stress and how they affect you.
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Pressures of life cause stress to all of us. Stress is something you cannot avoid completely but you can surely reduce it. You shouldn’t let stress take over you and affect your mind. We usually assume stress to be negative, but you must know that not all stressors are bad for you. There are certain kinds of stress which motivate and build confidence in you.

Check out these 5 emotional signs of stress.


One of the most common signs of emotional stress is loneliness. Even when you are surrounded by a lot of people, you tend to feel lonely. This can happen when work takes over you or you are dealing with problems in your social life. It is hard to get out of loneliness but there’s always a way to it. Try and interact with more people. Spend time with family and friends.

Anger and Irritability

These two are common symptoms of mental or emotional stress. When you are over-stressed, every small thing makes you angry and irritated. Your tolerance level decreases and this leads to conflicts and arguments with people around you. To avoid this, you must try relaxation techniques and do things that make you happy.

Difficulty in concentrating

Stress can make it difficult to concentrate and memorize certain things. When you have so much going on in your mind, it is hard to focus where it is needed. You tend to forget important things in all that stress and burden. Eating healthy and exercising can help in keeping your mind active. Avoid drinking and smoking to keep your brain healthy.


You may experience frequent low moods. When you are over-stressed, there is general unhappiness. You might feel overwhelmed over small things. This happens because your mind is always occupied with the stressors in life. These stressors constantly make you unhappy. Talking about your problems to someone can comfort you.

Depression & Anxiety

Stress, depression and anxiety are related to each other in many ways. Severe stress can leave you depressed. Get some professional help and practice relaxation techniques. Anxiety is yet another sign of emotional stress.

Know what your mind is dealing with and take preventive measures before it harms your body. Try and reduce stress as much as you can. Your health is more important than any of the stressors in life.

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