THESE 5 Zodiac signs have extremely low self esteem

Some Zodiac signs have it hard and confidence just does not seem to be their strong suit. Here are 5 zodiac sign who have low self esteem.
THESE 5 Zodiac signs have extremely low self esteemTHESE 5 Zodiac signs have extremely low self esteem
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Confidence is something that is ever-changing. You might feel confident one day and on the other just feel blah and low. Now, it also depends upon the kind of people around you and whether you get intimidated by, this honestly only depends upon your environment and the kind of people you grew up with. However, some zodiac signs tend to show similar personalities when it comes down to confidence and self-esteem. Here they are:


Cancerians are overly emotional and can get easily triggered which is why their self-esteem tends to suffer hugely. They often tend to take things upon themselves not because it is their fault because they feel that they deserve it. 



Virgos have a high standard of their life, so when they do not live up to it, it just starts affecting their self-esteem. So even when one would think that they have great self-esteem, they are often low on it.


Pisces usually thinks of himself as a doormat that people can walk over. They are often pushovers because they like to be included in everything. But while they let people walk over them, they do not like to be disrespected. 



Geminis are master communicators and love to be around people. But, to everyone’s surprise, they just seem to know it all and be confident on the outside but deep down they are secretly a hot mess and very low on self-esteem. Sound too much like twin personality, doesn’t it?


If you had to draw a line to divide confident and low-confident zodiac signs, Taurus would literally be residing on that line. They do not believe in themselves a lot and will tend to go into the ‘self-doubt’ mode. However, they damn right know how to stand up for themselves in front of others.


Which Zodiac sign according to you has low self-esteem? Let us know in the comments section below.

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I dont think pisces and cancer has low self esteem. Rather than I found scorpio..sagittarius are easily.. get down by their emotions

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