THESE are the 4 most shady zodiac signs

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THESE are the 4 most shady zodiac signs

Being shady means deceiving someone sneakily or doing something suspicious. It can be anything, from you cheating on your partner and lying about your whereabouts to you trying to do the least amount of tasks at work sneakily. 

Doing shady stuff is nothing to be proud of and some people engage in this, much more than others. Astrologically speaking, these are the 4 zodiac signs who are shady and sneaky in their approach and never do things the right way.



Geminis often twist the truth to be in everybody’s good books. They are hypocritical, manipulative and only pretend to be innocent to not get into trouble.





Since Cancerians are known to be kind-hearted and pure souls, they often use their reputation to their advantage. They manipulate people by being kind to them and get their work done by tricking them.





Leos want attention, be it for good reasons or bad. They will do anything to be in the spotlight and are capable of playing with people’s feelings. They don’t think twice before hurting someone just to get some attention and create drama.





Librans want everything to be perfect. If things are not going their way, they will manipulate people and go to any lengths to turn things around in their favour.



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Anonymous : ohh dude thats true
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Anonymous : Dude, be real, it's not the zodiac that makes you a bad person or a good person. It's how you were raised by your parents. And honestly, I was raised responsibly by my parents but these zodiac kind of things creates a negative impact on me ( I'm a Gemini ). Spread good vibes man.
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Anonymous : I would never do that it happened to me one time also I'm just closed- Libra
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