THESE are the 5 HACKS to make your kids grow taller

Updated on Dec 08, 2020 05:25 AM IST  |  1.7M
THESE are the 5 HACKS to make your kids grow taller

When kids reach their teenage years, this is the prime time when they need extra care, nutrition and essential vitamins for their mental and physical growth. Moms often feel concerned about the height of their children, giving them the proper nutrients and vitamin supply.

However, these are not enough for a child’s physical growth and overall well being. A child’s height grows at different stages and various levels. Some being, their growth phase early while others are late bloomers.

Here are 5 tips to follow to make your child grow taller.

Proper diet


Make sure your kid is following a well-balanced diet. They should be fed with proper nutrients and vitamins essential for your kid’s body growth. Their bones need to be made stronger to support the height. A balanced diet should include all carbohydrates, fat and protein. Keep them away from junk food and aerated drinks. Zinc has been found to have a huge effect on the growth of the child, so zinc-rich foods like squash seeds and peanuts must also be added to their diet.

Neck exercises

Stretching exercises, especially for the neck are helpful. These can have a huge impact on your child. They facilitate the process of height growth in kids and the muscles become strong too.

Sufficient sleep

It is proven that sleep can in fact be a factor in improving your child’s height growth. Sleeping can affect the growth in the long term and sufficient sleep of 8 hours help your child to grow taller and stronger.

Good posture


Maintaining a good posture, sitting with your back straight helps give you an elevated height. By keeping a straight posture, your kids will have an increased height. Good posture removes stress from the spine and doesn’t compromise with your child’s growth.


Skipping is another exercise that can add to developing your child’s growth. It is also beneficial for the heart and helps your kids become taller. Your body stretches and it provides vertical growth to your child.

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