THESE are the 5 things you must not say to a LEO

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THESE are the 5 things you must not say to a LEO

Known for their stubborn and egoistic nature, Leos are quite literally the king of all zodiac signs and they take much pride in that. Leos always put themselves on a pedestal and think of themselves as number one before anyone else. This pride comes with a lot of ego and experience in varied fields. Leo simply likes to believe that they know what’s best for them and they hate others telling them what to do. 

Considering all this, Leos are also the most generous with a heart of gold. The act of selfless love and the kindness they imbibe in themselves, people simply fall in love with their charm. Leos are super confident but often have a fragile ego. Once you are in their bad books, there is no going back from there, you will cut off and discarded from a Leo’s life without any warning. 

Hence, it is utterly important to know what triggers this zodiac sign the most. These are the 5 things you must not tell a Leo.

When a Leo is angry, never tell them to ‘calm down’

If you tell an already tempered Leo to calm down, this will only aggravate the anger and make things worse. Leos are usually calm and composed but when they get angry, it is for a valid cause. Thus, they never like to be told to calm down because they know their anger is justified.

Never tell a Leo to ‘Let go’

Leos are known to keep their feelings bottled up. They keep their feelings and emotions hidden from others as they consider it a sign of weakness. They might not let go of certain things and would not like to talk about it in public.

‘You’re overthinking’

Leo by nature are deep thinkers as they try to seek a solution to each and every problem and they hate asking for help. Because of this they try to introspect and analyse situations by themselves and thus, indulge into overthinking.

‘You have to change’

Another thing to offend a Leo is by saying that they have to change and they’re not the same anymore. Leos are constantly learning and growing, they are the most versatile and adaptable zodiac signs. Leo 5 months ago is not the same as 5 months later, they are completely changed personalities. So, if you tell a Leo they have to change, they might lash out on you.

Do not call them ‘needy’

One of the worst things you could do to ruin your relationship with a Leo is by calling them needy or desperate. Leos consider themselves to be self-reliant and they are happy to be alone at times in their own private space. They have a very strong opinion about themselves and so, if you call them needy it means you don’t really know them and this will trigger the fire sign.

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Anonymous : Leo is self centered easily angered, controlling,it’s there way or the high way. Hoarders, all about what they think
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REPLY 0 5 days ago
Anonymous : I am a Leo myself and all of this is true! Please don’t tell me to do this things! (Don’t tell this things to anybody pls❤️)
REPLY 1 1 week ago
Anonymous : Um hi most hated zodiac,
REPLY 0 3 days ago
Anonymous : I think the ground reality is immature Leo's are bad but when they mature there is no big or small, strong or weak... They represent all their goods and get over their bads or atleast be aware of them so it doesn't cost them anything...
REPLY 4 3 weeks ago
Anonymous : #relateable
REPLY 4 1 month ago
Anonymous : This is so true ugh
REPLY 7 1 month ago
Anonymous : I've been thought of as a king before, Although I do get angry pretty quick, Most of my friends dont care XD
REPLY 6 2 months ago
Anonymous : I am a leo Im cooler then a polar bear toe nails just don't piss me odd with your stupidity. If you say anything that I pretty much don't like I get mad really quick
REPLY 13 2 months ago
Anonymous : Leo's do not like when people call them weak
REPLY 22 2 months ago
Anonymous : Ima Leo I am angered easliy, but we don’t like people calling us weak either
REPLY 21 2 months ago
Anonymous : Leo’s don’t like people calling them weak too.
REPLY 16 2 months ago
Anonymous : Sheesh no need to be rude to me and the boys
REPLY 7 2 months ago
Anonymous : this had every single thing on point also I'm a Leo and am not angered easily
REPLY 14 2 months ago
Anonymous : Im leo and this is so me so on point
REPLY 12 2 months ago
Anonymous : I very much agree to this. Very relatable, that's because i'm a Leo to! But who comes up with this? Its so true!
REPLY 18 2 months ago
Anonymous : Too* I' a Leo im going to correct you.
REPLY 3 2 months ago
Anonymous : Omg I'm Leo and I did not use to believe these stuffs until I read this article. What is written is truly describes me.
REPLY 13 2 months ago
Anonymous : agreed anonymous!
REPLY 6 2 months ago
Anonymous : They say that Leo’s aren’t shy and are outgoing. I’m the total opposite. I’m so shy. The bottled up thing is so true. This is so true
REPLY 16 2 months ago
Anonymous : I know how you feel I am so shy so if you see me in person I'm really quiet but I'm only myself when in comfortable around you
REPLY 0 2 weeks ago
Anonymous : Same, I mean I am short tempered but I try not to take it out on others and instead I take it out on myself..and when I do take it out on myself it’s not exactly good.
REPLY 0 2 weeks ago
Anonymous : I am Leo, when people try to hide things of financial income info away from me they end up knowing that I actually know much more about the stuff more better than they do, am I smile and still end up showing them the way. Am leo and I don't like cheating, even when am in a relationship. FB: Gabgold Gabriel
REPLY 24 3 months ago
Anonymous : Me too I always get cheated on
REPLY 1 1 month ago
Anonymous : You are same as me
REPLY 0 1 month ago
Anonymous : Me too
REPLY 1 1 month ago
Anonymous : Well apparently you seem to be sitting on your high horse so maybe you should step down as well. You are correct. You are a leo. You are strong. You are brave. Back off to all of the other signs.. I'm lookin' at you tarus.
REPLY 12 3 months ago
Anonymous : I’m A Leo
REPLY 11 2 months ago
Anonymous : I'm a Leo, and mostly misunderstood. Finally somebody who understands me!!!
REPLY 30 4 months ago
Anonymous : Hi I'm a leo. We are good some Of us. Caring and look out for others
REPLY 26 5 months ago
Anonymous : Same here..
REPLY 2 2 months ago
Anonymous : Always looking out for other always there to give a helping hand
REPLY 1 1 month ago
Anonymous : Don't mess with me I am a Leo
REPLY 32 7 months ago
Anonymous : Back off i am a leo, so right on the track,we the best of the bunch.
REPLY 37 7 months ago
Anonymous : Hell yeah !!!!
REPLY 0 1 month ago
Anonymous : Uh. No you aren’t you egotistical aggressive a**hole. Most hated zodiac sign ever. You are all too sensitive, and fall apart when you are stood up too. Fu*k off
REPLY 1 1 month ago
Anonymous : Do something for gemini too
REPLY 13 7 months ago
Anonymous : haha so much ego!
REPLY 8 7 months ago
Anonymous : Rude much
REPLY 8 2 months ago
Anonymous : screw them they think they are so special just get off your high horse
REPLY 9 7 months ago
Anonymous : haha! yes.
REPLY 2 7 months ago
Anonymous : Well apparently you seem to be sitting on your high horse so maybe you should step down as well
REPLY 19 7 months ago
Anonymous : Exactly.
REPLY 7 7 months ago
Anonymous : You Don’t Know How We’re Are in Irl smh
REPLY 6 2 months ago
Anonymous : Oo. Roasted!
REPLY 3 2 months ago
Anonymous : Stop hating because you aren't good enough for us.
REPLY 2 2 months ago
REPLY 2 2 months ago
Anonymous : Right!!!
REPLY 1 1 month ago
Anonymous : Gurl you need to learn to properly behave first for starters being polite
REPLY 0 1 month ago
Anonymous : Uhm, first of all u got leos fucked up. That’s not what we think we just know what we’re doing and we know our worth and we want and expect to be treated how we deserve to be treated.
REPLY 2 1 month ago
Anonymous : Mmk anonymous
REPLY 0 3 weeks ago
Anonymous : leo’s are amazing i would shut up if i were u
REPLY 0 7 hours ago