THESE are the auspicious colours you should wear on Diwali based on your zodiac sign

Diwali is all about traditional clothing and bringing out the best festive outfit to match with the festive spirit on this day. To know what colour clothes you should wear on Diwali, look to the stars and pick out your best Diwali outfit based on your zodiac sign. Check it out.
THESE are the auspicious colours you should wear on Diwali based on your zodiac sign
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Diwali is a festival in India that people love to celebrate with much enthusiasm and excitement leaving no stone unturned to bring in the festive cheer. It is imperative that a lot of planning goes into choosing the best outfit to match with the festive spirit of the season. People start planning their Diwali outfit days in prior and there’s a lot of excitement involved around it. 

From choosing the right accessories to footwear, your outfit should add to the bling and glamour of the festival since Diwali is all about illuminating yourself and your surroundings. If you’re still confused about what to wear this Diwali, simply look to the stars and let astrology be your stylist for this festive season. These are the auspicious colours you should be adorning on this Diwali and pick your outfit accordingly.

Aries - Red

This colour will bring out the best in you and will draw attention towards you at a Diwali party. It will boost your confidence and instantly cheer you up. Pick up an outfit in red colour and you’re sorted.

Taurus - Blue

Blue is a neutral colour that will suit you best. You can choose to wear a blue suit and make it look eclectic without looking too extra.

Gemini - Orange

Being a Gemini, you should go for a vibrant colour that will bring out your cheerful personality and add to the Diwali bling and glitz.

Cancer - Green

Crabs are very sentimental so they look for colours and clothes that have a meaning or some purpose. Green symbolises nature and since they are nature loving people, Green is the colour you should wear on this auspicious festival to resonate with green peace.

Leo - Brown

The sunshine loving zodiac sign, they use clothes to express themselves. Their style statement is sometimes bold, luxurious and classy. Brown is the colour you should choose to wear this festive season.

Virgo - White

Sophisticated, classy and humble is the style statement for this zodiac sign. Hence, white is the ideal choice for a Virgo to match it with good jewellery. 

Libra - Yellow

Libras often have a feminine side when it comes to clothing. Yellow is the colour that would suit their traditional attire this Diwali.

Scorpio - Maroon

Scorpios love to dress up in bold, intense and rich colours. A maroon coloured saree or a suit would suit them best this Diwali.

Sagittarius - Purple

Sagittarius often find themselves gravitating towards silhouettes, polished and classy style statement. A purple saree or a suit will be the best Diwali outfit for this zodiac sign.

Capricorn - Black

Stylish and sophisticated, black kurta or a black embellished saree would be the perfect Diwali outfit for this zodiac sign.

Aquarius - Grey

Quirky and classy, Grey is an ideal choice of colour for this zodiac sign to look fabulous in their traditional attire on Diwali.

Pisces - Pink

Subtle, sober, eye-catching but never too extra. Pink is the perfect colour to adorn a traditional attire for this zodiac sign.

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