THESE are the best dressing tips for breastfeeding moms

Breastfeeding is a natural phenomenon that all mothers go through being a mother to their newborn child. A part of an easy and healthy breastfeeding experience is to know the right things to wear during the process. Here are some dressing tips for all breastfeeding moms.
THESE are the best dressing tips for breastfeeding moms
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Breastfeeding requires you to be comfortable essentially whilst keeping your style statement intact. It is completely normal to face certain challenges during breastfeeding but looking fashionable while keeping your comfort for yourself and the baby shouldn’t be one of them.

Your clothes should make you look chic while keeping the comfort to breathe and stretch. Some things to keep in mind while choosing your nursing clothes are comfort, style, breathability and durability.

From nursing tops to dresses, here are 6 tips for dressing while nursing your child.

Tank tops

Tank tops are easy to pull down and are a great addition to your nursing wardrobe, They look smart and can be paired with anything. They provide comfort and easy access for breastfeeding.

Nursing bras

A nursing bra has a flap or a panel open that you can pull down quickly so that you breastfeed without taking your bra off. Choose a bra that will support heavy breasts and is made from natural, breathable and absorbent fabric.

Button down shirts

Button shirts can be opened quickly. You can buy loose button down shirts and leave the lower button open for easy access for breastfeeding. These shirts are an excellent choice for working moms too.

Wrap arounds

Wear a wrap around dress that you have to tie with a knot, they provide comfort and are breathable too. You can simply untie the dress and breastfeed. These dresses can be worn in the evening for an outing and they look fashionable as well. 

Crossover tops

Crossover tops that can be wrapped around your waist with a knot are easy to wear and easy to remove. They look smart and provide easy access for breastfeeding.

V-neck tops

V-neck tops are a favourite amongst nursing moms as they are super easy, comfortable and a perfect choice for a casual look. With a larger neck, you can easily pull down your top and breastfeed.

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