THESE are the best street food items for you as per your Zodiac Sign

Everyone loves street food but your choice of food depends on your zodiac personality much more than you’d like!
THESE are the best street food items for you as per your Zodiac Sign
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Indians love street food. Just like our religions and languages, we have a large variety of cuisines also. And with a large number of cuisines comes a large variety of street foods. You name it and we have it. There’s street food for every mood and every occasion. You may be the primmest and proper person and you maybe someone from the higher strata of the society but your social or financial status does not change what you love eating. We have been eating street since forever and we can never get bored or grow too big to eat food from street stalls. Indians could own an expensive house or a penthouse, but they will never give up their love for the street delicacies. The same way every zodiac sign has a street food that they simply love and that goes with their taste and likeness. Here are some delicious street foods that suit your unique personality and your zodiac sign.

1. Aries 

They’re very competitive and dominating. You love momos because they dominate an entire market! They are most loved and come with a spicy sauce that matches your temperament.

2. Taurus

You’re very practical and sorted in life. You like something filling so that your meals don’t get messed up. A plate of delicious heavy pav bhaji makes for a great meal!

3. Gemini

You cannot ignore a challenge. You want to experiment and you want variety all the time and you hate something that is same old. Pakora’s are the best snack for you. They don’t limit you because there's a lot of variety.

4. Cancer

You’re very simple and sorted in life. You don’t want too much from life. Dahi vada or Dahi bhalle make for a nice simple but delicious snack for you.

5. Leo

You cannot be just another one in the crowd, you stand out and you like it. You’re very confident. You like dabeli because it is different. It isn’t something that everyone eats!

6. Virgo

You’re very prim and proper. You like the perfectly rounded idli soaked in some sambar and chutney.

7. Libra

You are kind and you seek balance and stability in life. A sandwich is your to-go snack. It gives you just what you want.

8. Scorpio

You like some spice in life and you have ambitions. You like pani puri because it’s popular and you can make it your way. Sweet or spicy or a mix of both, you can control your food and flavor.

9. Sagittarius

You like to experiment and you like a little adventure. A plate of Dahi kachori or raj kachori seems like a different adventure to you.

10. Capricorn

You’re very focused and career-oriented. You are a no-nonsense person. Samosa is your perfect snack. Sorted and easy to find and full of flavors. Samosa knows what it wants and that is aloo!

11. Aquarius

You’re open to new things and you like doing something different once in a while. A plate of bhel puri is your snack. You can mix it up and add new flavors to it.

12. Pisces

You are crazy and headstrong. You have compassion and you love reading people. You like a good long conversation and if that’s over a plate of chole bhature there’s nothing better that you’d rather do!

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