THESE are the Bollywood tunes you need to add to your Diwali playlist based on your zodiac sign

Diwali is incomplete without feet tapping music to get you grooving on parties and dancing to your favourite Bollywood tunes. To make your Diwali parties lit, here are the top tracks you need to add to your playlist based on your zodiac sign.
THESE are the Bollywood tunes you need to add to your Diwali playlist based on your zodiac sign
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Diwali is a festival in India that brings everyone together to celebrate the festival with fun and laughter! Diwali is an occasion to come together as a family and bring in the festive cheer by dancing, drinking and playing card games. This festival of lights is marked by blur memories of everyone sharing the love and happiness to celebrate the victory of good over evil and welcome the Goddess Laxmi. To have a gala time, people start preparing a Diwali playlist well in advance so that the music doesn’t stop and people keep dancing.

To keep up with the festive spirit and add more fun to the party, this Diwali, look to the stars and let astrology guide you to create an ultimate Diwali playlist. These are the top tracks of Bollywood that you need to add to your Diwali playlist right away.

Aries - Kala Chashma, Ghungroo

The party starter who loves to have fun at parties and shake it up a bit, these are the perfect songs to get your grooving

Taurus - Nachde Ne Saare, Genda Phool

Taurians prefer comfort and quiet gatherings with their loved ones. These songs are ideal to set the mood for a Taurus to get going at a party.

Gemini - Kar Gayi Chull, London Thumakda

The social butterfly of all zodiac signs, they love to party and meet up with friends. These are the perfect tracks to get them grooving and keep their energy high as always.

Cancer - Channa Mereya, Kun Faya Kun

They’re more introverted and prefer a deep scenario with friends, getting emotional and nostalgic is their idea of socialising whilst having fun. These songs would suit the likes of a Cancerian.

Leo - G.O.A.T, Kabira

These songs cater to Leo’s two major moods - being self centred, having fun and the other getting emotional over friends and keeping them close.

Virgo - Illegal Weapon, She move it like

Virgo at a party is only trying to have fun, they prefer to loosen up a bit and simply there to have a good time. These are the perfect tracks to add to their playlist for a Diwali party.

Libra - Uff Teri Adaa, The Breakup Song

Libra takes time to get comfortable, but once they do, they’re an open book and there to have fun and let go. These are songs that will get a Libra grooving at a party.

Scorpio - Apna Time Aayega, Lamborghini

Your Scorpio friend is all for socialising but will try to keep it cool by not being too extra also. These are the tunes that will get a Scorpio grooving.

Sagittarius - Nachan Nu Jee Karda, Nashe Si Chadh Gayi

Out there to get drunk and have fun, these are the ideal tracks to get a Sagi dancing and letting their hair down as nobody can match their energy on a dance floor.

Capricorn - Proper Patola, Ik Junoon (Paint it red)

A Capricorn will take time to warm up at a party, these are the tracks that will get their feet tapping and body grooving.

Aquarius - Sooraj Ki Baahon Mein, It’s the Time to Disco

You might spot an Aquarius standing in a corner or talking to their selective friends at a party. However, to get an Aquarian dancing on the floor, these are the tracks you need.

Pisces - Gallan Goodiyan, Jeet

All for family gatherings and friends reunion parties, this zodiac sign is the happiest when the entire family comes together on the dance floor and is part of the celebration.

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