THESE are the books you must read to stay positive and cheerful in the lockdown

Even if you are working from home, you tend to get bored after a while, and then boredom leads to overthinking which causes anxiety. Hence, here are some books that you must read in self-quarantine to make yourself happy.
THESE are the books you must read to stay positive and cheerful in the lockdownTHESE are the books you must read to stay positive and cheerful in the lockdown
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People across the world are practising self-quarantine, like many other countries Prime Minister of India too announced a 21 days lockdown across India. This lockdown means that we have to do everything from home and our social life is surely on hold for a while. We can't do much about this lockdown since it is a hard time for humankind when the world seems to have bowed down to an evil epidemic. But what we can do is find ways to keep ourselves busy and happy. 


If you are a voracious reader and love reading, then here are some books that you must consider reading. These books will surely help your mental state and will make you appreciate life more than ever. 


Read below to find out some books that you must read to stay positive in the time of distress. 


The Happy Brain by Dean Burnett:

In this book, Dean Burnett talks about science and bubbly feelings of what happiness means. He tastefully combines scientific theories of emotions with interviews of dozens of people on the happiness scale, from relationship coaches to millionaires. 

Happy For No Reason by Mandira Bedi:

Written by Mandira Bedi, this book is about her and how she is in search of happiness. In this book, she talks about how happiness is not conditional, materialistic or transactional. She accepts that she hasn’t solved the code for it yet, but genuinely believes that she is headed in the right direction. The book makes you believe that everyone deserves happiness. 

Life is What You Make it by Preeti Shenoy:

Authored by Preeti Shenoy, it is based on a love story set in India in the 90s. The book shows how love, hope and determination can help you combat everything in life. It's gripping, and will surely make you appreciate life more. 

Swami and Friends by R. K. Narayan:

The story is set in the small fictitious town of Malgudi. Great description, surpassing sense of humour and the child’s happy spirit diffuses the whole book, bringing the readers laughter, joy and vexation.

Pyjamas are Forgiving by Twinkle Khanna:

The story is set in Kerala and the book talks about multiple relationships, feelings and emotions in the most entertaining way. 

So, since we are in lockdown for a few more days, it's time to read these books and feel good about life.

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No true reader with self respect will ever pick up a celeb genre book. I recommend Anne Frank's diary and Socrates Cafe.

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