THESE are the breastfeeding tips you need to know before childbirth

Breastfeeding is a phenomenon that happens after giving birth to your child. In order to provide your baby with natural breastfeeding, it is essential to prepare well in advance. These are the tips to help you with breastfeeding after childbirth.
THESE are the breastfeeding tips you need to know before childbirth
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Breastfeeding is a natural occurrence of the female human body that you will have to prepare for before childbirth. Expecting moms get all prepped up with the necessities for childbirth like extensive baby care, baby’s nursery and baby food but forget about one important thing that is breastfeeding. To ease out the process and have a natural breastfeeding procedure for your child, it is imperative to prepare in advance and have some tips in mind.

It is a normal phenomenon that all women go through, but to ease out the process and have less pain while breastfeeding, these are the tips you can follow.

Get comfortable

First and foremost, it is important for you to get comfortable and ease in with the process of breastfeeding. Remind yourself that it is normal and create a comfortable space for you and your baby. 

Guide the baby into position

Choose a chair or a recliner for your neck and shoulder support while you hold the baby. Guide the baby into place and bring the baby forward to your chest instead of leaning towards the baby. You can look up online for multiple breastfeeding positions and choose which one is the most comfortable for you.

Line it up

Your baby should always be tummy to tummy aligned with you. You may use pillows to create an elevated platform for the baby to reach the height of your breast.

Stock up on supplies

Get all the essential tools and requirements for breastfeeding like nursing bras, pads, breastfeeding pump, pillows and a comfortable chair. These are the necessities and can help ease out the pain.

Create a nesting space

Creating a comfortable space for you and the baby is very important. You can scout for places and private corners at your home where you can nurse your child. Add some pillows, chairs, snacks and books to read while you’re breastfeeding.

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