THESE are the habits to avoid when you are in a committed relationship as per your zodiac sign

Astrology can help you know what are the poor habits that you should try and avoid to save your relationship. Read on to know.
People,relationship,compatible zodiac signsTHESE are the habits to avoid when you are in a committed relationship as per your zodiac sign
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After falling in love, committing to the person who is perfect for you, you just expect happily ever after with your soul mate. But on this road to happily ever after there is and will be certain bumps. Thanks to astrology, we can gauge the best and poor traits and habits. We all express the best and worst sides of our signs and that can often make or break things in life including love life. 

Want to know what is your poor habit that can affect your relationship? Want to know why you have been disagreeing and quarreling? Then you are in the right place. Recognize your toxic habits, your sign’s disposition and understand your reactions and instincts so that you are mindful of your bahevior and avoid mistakes that can jeopardize your relationship. Let's have a look at each zodiac sign and their certain traits, habits, or actions that can be dealbreakers.


Aries is ruled by the planet Mars which means they have a temper and have a me-first attitude. Their first instinct is anger. They get angry easily and their ego also gets bruised easily. Their impulsive nature makes them rush fast and their decisions can be harmful to their relationship. So, it is better for Aries people to give a second thought on everything to avoid fights. You should be more patient, and give your partner the importance that they deserve.


Taurus is a fixed earth sign of the zodiac and they care about security and their comfort. Even in relationships, anything is mostly resisted by them as they hate change. Even the smallest of small changes can leave them frustrated. They have to calm their stubborn nature cause if your partner has planned something new, unique which can be good for your relationship then instead of being a party pooper, you should try to embrace the exciting side as well. 


Geminis are a mutable air sign and they always go with the flow and have a relaxed attitude. Sometimes this passivity can be unhealthy for your relationship. Try to vocalize your emotions or else deep connection will go missing. Also, your curious nature lets your mind wander to other people around you and this can turn very toxic for your relationship. Be focused on one person in a committed relationship. If Geminis are with someone who sees their "harmless" flirtations as a problem, then it can lead to a lot of fights. 


Cancer who are depicted by the crab always seeks their defensive shell. They are very internal and moody and it is quite difficult to understand what they actually feel. Their partners can have a hard time to know them. For them, it is just like predicting the weather. They also hate confrontations and this can affect their relationship when their partners want to work out any issue. They should try to avoid being very moody and withdrawal to their shell. 


As they are ruled by the sun they often want everyone to revolve around them. So, selfishness and 'it's only about me' attitude which often happens unconsciously can hamper their relationship. Unknowingly they present themselves as self-centered and egotistical people. Being humble and avoid to make things about you will help them to go a long way.


Virgos are practical earthy signs which means they will strive and work hard to have everything perfect including love life. But they should know that nothing can be perfect to the T all the time. Also, they have a bad habit of bottling up emotions and manifest them in unhealthy ways such as passive aggression and resentment. Besides these two habits, they are very analytical about everything so small issues become bigger for them. These traits can drive their partners crazy.


Libra is the sign of the scales and they keep weighing their options and may waver during their final decisions. They are people-pleasers and forget their own needs. Their last-minute cancellations, changes in attitude, too much flip-flopping can affect their partner. Your partner may think that you are not passionate, or indecisive. Try to be decisive and not fickle-minded. Your score-keeping nature and need for fairness can leave your frustrated and can lead to a lot of fights. 


Traits like being too secretive and detached can be a major issue in your relationship. Scorpions should start sharing often as your partner may not understand your restraints and why you are not open. It is okay to be private but not too much that you cannot share important things or be vulnerable in front of partners. You have to trust him or her and put the guard down. 


Sagittarius people love their freedom, spontaneity, and adventure. And this can come across as someone who has a changing personality. They also have fluctuating passion levels. If they have partners who cannot understand their need for personal space or restrict their sense of freedom, then it can create an issue.


Capricorns can be rigid and like to follow their own ways and this can piss their partners. They may think you don't care about their ideas. So, try to avoid a know-it-all attitude, being too restrictive. They are very disciplined and they expect the same from their partner. So, it is better for Capricorns to choose a partner who is also on the same page with them.


Their main issue is their rigid and personal opinion about everything. If their partner has opposite views then friction and fights increase. They also gave to improve on assessing their partner's feelings. They can feel the heat most of the time as they no idea why their partner is mad or sad. 


Their main problem is that they avoid confrontation and this can leave their partners unhappy as they constantly hide their feelings. They also rely on unhealthy habits like being too clingy or forgiving. They also follow delusions or fantasies which can hamper your relationship.

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