THESE are the luckiest zodiac signs in December based on astrologer Jagannath Guruji’s predictions

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THESE are the luckiest zodiac signs in December based on astrologer Jagannath Guruji’s predictions

The year 2020 has been all about ups and downs, highs and lows. It brought in many ordeals and calamities that humans had to face for the first time ever. While we were confined inside our homes for the most part of the year, we continue to wait relentlessly for our lives to return to normalcy. We are finally nearing the end of this horrifying year that has scarred many for a lifetime. While we can only hope for a better tomorrow and things to get back to normal, one can’t stop thinking about what’s in store for this month, the finale season of 2020.

We have taken the help of famous astrologer, pandit Jagannath Guruji who has shared with us a list of zodiac signs who are going to be lucky this month and what is in store for them. Check it out.


The best attribute of those hailing from this zodiac sign is that they are extremely self dependent and do not believe in relying on others to fulfil their tasks. While some of them might have to battle inflated ego-related issues, they are believed to be pretty comfortable in their personal as well as professional lives. Leos are among those for whom December 2020 is expected to be favourable on both the fronts – personal and professional. They might come across some new and exciting opportunities.


They are believed to be the confused lot, for they often let their inner feelings get damaged when confronted with tough situations. However, it won’t be the same for Gemini people this December. On both professional as well as personal fronts, the last month of this year is expected to be favourable for them. The virtue of Gemini people to base their relationships on clear and direct communication also works significantly in their favour.


They can rest assured and plan whatever they feel apt as December 2020 is expected to be a favourable month for them. While relationships would be pleasing for them, they are also likely to do well on the job or business front. People hailing from this zodiac sign are believed to be the most confident of the lot, and the same spree is to continue for them for the remaining part of the year.


They are the most energetic people around and we know for a fact that when the time is favourable, it just adds to the positive energy within. This is precisely what’s in store for the Scorpios. They might not be very good at keeping their cards close to their chest, but one thing is for sure that they remain calm in every given situation. The best part about Scorpios is that they work relentlessly towards evolving and getting better as a person.


December 2020 is expected to be quite favourable for people belonging to this zodiac sign. While there are new opportunities on the anvil on the professional front, they are also likely to strike the right balance when it comes to their personal lives. These are the rare species that hardly have any negative aspect of their personality, for they rarely get stressed, they are extremely caring and easy going. All these attributes are most likely to click for them in the ongoing phase.

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