THESE are the make up products you must have based on your zodiac sign

With a plethora of options available choosing the right kind of beauty product gets really tough and to help ease out on the process, here are must have make up products based on your zodiac sign.
makeup productsTHESE are the make up products you must have based on your zodiac sign
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We all have that one essential product that we can’t get enough of and it instantly makes you feel good as soon as you apply it, leaving your skin absolutely flawless. While purchasing an appropriate beauty product may seem daunting at the multiple options available nowadays, here are some of the must have beauty products based on your zodiac sign.

Aquarius (air)

This air sign has creativity, individuality and intellectuality with a calm outlook towards life. The calmness of the Aquarius and the zero attitude approach towards life, in general, makes them easy flowing. Their make up product should add to their creativity and individuality. The best pick for an Aquarian would be a lightweight concealer that can give them a natural look, almost keeping it authentic yet classy. 

Pisces (water)

They are artistic, spiritual and empathetic. This sun sign is overly emotional and one of the kindest and giving personalities out of all the zodiac signs. To give them a cheeky yet subtle look to enhance their mysteriousness, a coral shade lipstick or a blush would work best for an ethereal dreamy look. 

Aries (fire)

This dramatic and powerful sun sign needs something to fuel the fire. Aries are known for being impulsive, fiery, athletic and sassy. An eye shadow palette with red to bronze colours to give them a dramatic eye look that pops out their features would work best.

Taurus (earth)

Combing luxury with comfort, Taureans prefer a dewy romantic look with soft touches to enhance their features. Their down-to-earth nature would suit a low profile with a bit of glamour. A highlighter or a rose tinted blush would work best for this sun sign.

Gemini (air)

Gemini are usually very expressive when it comes to their feelings, they don’t keep things undercover for long. This extremely social, warm and super friendly sun sign with 0-100 mood swings are conscious trendsetters and love experimenting with new makeup trends. Any bold, artistic eye makeup palette with shades of orange, pink and purple or a neon pink lip shade would be a perfect addition to their makeup routine.

Cancer (water)

The emotionally caught up and overly sensitive in nature, Cancers are a water sign that love fluidity and nature. A moisturiser, hydrating serums, primers and highlighters with a dewy look works best for this sun sign to make them feel confident in their natural skin.

Leo (fire)

This super confident sun sign who loves being the center of attention aspires to go all out and make anything they wear a trend. Leos often tend to go for a glowy, golden hour and sun-kissed makeup looks that executes a natural aura they carry around themselves with a bit of shimmer to enhance their charming personality. A bronze highlighter or an illuminating moisturizer works best for them.

Virgo (earth)

Virgos desire perfection in everything that they do and this means their makeup too. Giving every attention to detail, their makeup regime is organized and analytical. Each product has to add some benefit to the skin and make them look terribly gorgeous. Virgos love to add volume. So, a voluminous mascara works best for them along with red lipstick to give them a sultry bold look.

Libra (air)

This sign embodies grace and elegance which they love to bring in their makeup routine as well. Librans have tremendous importance to skincare and hence, they love their beauty products to be the ultimate tool to take care of their skin and at the same time keep a natural glowy look to flawless. So, nude shades of lipstick, eyeshadow and a brow pencil to enhance their features works best for this zodiac sign.

Scorpio (water)

The mysterious Scorpio loves to add mystery in their makeup look also. Scorpios usually love a dramatic ‘night’ look that makes them feel sexy and confident at the same time. A bold smoky eye look with a red lipstick works best for this zodiac sign. A must have would be the red lipstick and a dark glittery eyeshadow.

Sagittarius (fire)

This wanderlust-filled sun sign who is full of energy and an adventure enthusiast, they crave the same level of enthusiasm in their beauty look. Sagittarius tend to go for darker shades and a bold look. A chocolate brown lipstick along with brown eyeshadow world best for this sign. An eyelash curler is also a must have product for this sun sign that could be used for bold eye makeup looks.

Capricorn (earth)

Capricorns prefer to be classy, and sophisticated with their fashion sense. To enhance this, their makeup products are suitable for the workplace, keeping it classy and confident. A nude shade of nail paint, an eyeliner and a fragrant spray are a must have for this zodiac sign.

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