THESE are the most to the least ambitious zodiac signs according to an expert

To achieve success in life, people need to be ambitious, motivated, driven and focused on their goal. But there are few people who can always stay ambitious. So, Dr Kajal Mugrai, Occult Scientist, talks about the most to the least ambitious zodiac signs.

Updated on Apr 17, 2021 03:05 AM IST  |  1.2M
Most Ambitious Zodiac Signs
THESE are the most to the least ambitious zodiac signs according to an expert
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Youth today is very ambitious, energetic and focused on their goals. Everyone has big dreams and they want to achieve heights quickly. With continuous efforts, hard work and dedication one can achieve their goals and also learn how to become a better and improved version of oneself. But is everyone the same and possesses the same traits? Dr Kajal Mugrai, Occult Scientist, according to astrology tells what are the most ambitious and the least ambitious zodiac signs.


Leos are most ambitious and also dominating. They like to rule and be in power. They are very clear about their decisions and achieve their goals. They are also kind and helpful.



Capricorns are very clear-minded. They know what they exactly want in their life. They follow rules and are very dedicated. They are well organised and do nothing without planning. They dream big and prefer maintaining a strict lifestyle.


Taureans are very stubborn and that helps them to reach their goals. They are very hardworking and love to live a peaceful and comfortable life.


Aries people are very hard working. They are fun-loving and spontaneous. This quality helps them to work better. They can be a tough competitor to anyone. They are also very loving and attached to their closed ones.


Although with their dual personality trait, Geminis might feel confused sometimes, but they are very clear in their mind and sure about what they want. They have very good communication skill which helps them in achieving their goals.


Scorpions are tough-minded, determined, jealous, ambitious, secretive, resentful but at the same time loyal and honest. They are very talented. They are also known to be intuitive, assertive, resourceful, enigmatic, goal-oriented and adaptable people. These traits help them in their career.


Cancerians are very intuitive, loyal and caring people. They are kind-hearted and nurturing and also very moody. They need the motivation to work. But with their intuitiveness, they find their way towards their goal.



Aquarians are fearless, strong leaders and independent. They are highly intellectual and creative people. They can work continuously for hours. Their professional strength is critical thinking, social consciousness, and assertiveness.


Virgos are a perfectionist. They show perfection in each task they are assigned with. They are hard-working, creative, reliable, patient, kind, critical but at the same time stubborn. They are smart and blunt. They enjoy their work.


Pisceans are the most creative of all. They are very empathetic, generous and emotional people. They have a powerful intuition and can adapt to any situation and so they can also work independently. But they also make a great team member.


Librans are not at all ambitious. They love to chill and enjoy their life to the fullest. But at the same time, they are gracious, diplomatic, tactful, dedicated and charming. They are involved in the work which has creativity.


Sagittarians are the least ambitious people in the zodiac. They are fun-loving, spontaneous, optimistic, fair-minded, honest and lover of freedom. They cannot be bound to something. They are creative people and excel in the field of music, writing, art, drama, etc.


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