THESE are the signs most compatible with the gorgeous Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez was born on July 22, which makes her a Cancerian. Read on to know who the talented singer is compatible with, based on her zodiac sign.

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THESE are the signs most compatible with the gorgeous Selena Gomez
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Ever since her appearance in the Wizards of the Waverly Place, Selena Gomez has successfully made her way to her fans’ hearts. The pop sensation recently released a song called “Ice-cream” with the South Korean girl group Blackpink, and has always been at the top of her professional game. But when it comes to dating, she has gone through some breakups, makeups and plenty of romantic rumours. However, the ‘Wolves’ singer has always been open with her fans and shares snippets from her private life on her social media accounts. 

But if you are still eager to know who the gorgeous singer might meet or what she’s like in a relationship, then astrology might be of help. Born on July 22, Gomez is a Cancerian, Cancer is a water sign ruled by the Moon, and is associated with powerful emotions and loving nature. 

Read on to know who the 28-year-old singer and actress is most compatible with, based on her zodiac sign. 

Selena’s zodiac sign 


Selena is a Cancerian, who are known for their empathetic, caring and loving nature. Dating a Cancerian can be healing for those who have been through some tough time. Their nurturing nature allows other people to feel comfortable around them. They are homebodies, so close and familial connections are the most important thing for them. However, when a Cancer gets hurt, they tend to go in their shell and become very defensive. 

Cancer + Scorpio 


You might be thinking how can a sensitive Cancer be compatible with a mysterious Scorpio, but they are one of the strongest zodiac pairings out there. They are both water signs, so they have a lot of similarities. They also connect on an emotional and intuitive level. If Cancer lets Scorpio be on their own from time to time, and Scorpio doesn’t doubt Cancer, then nothing can stop them from being together. 

Cancer + Pisces 


Another fellow sign, Pisces is an incredible match for the sweet crab. They are both emotional and genuinely will shower each other with love. They are blessed with appealing looks and attractive minds, who appreciate each other for who they are. The only thing that might cause a problem between them is overpowering emotions. If the relationship stays afloat, their ship will never sink in the sea of their overflowing emotions. 

Cancer + Virgo 


Cancers value the loyalty that a Virgo offers, and Virgo feels comfortable in the secure arms of caring Cancer. Together, they make a loving, sensual, and a devoted couple. Their blissful union is one filled with happy memories, heightened awareness of needs, and the ability to reassure the other. This duo is a match made in heaven. 

Cancer + Taurus 


Another great match for a Cancerian is a Taurean. These signs speak the same love language and are all about planning a comfortable and secured future with someone they love. They are both mature enough to handle the problems, and their bond has the power to transcend all boundaries. They are classic lovers with a pure and beautiful love story. 

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