THESE are the signs which prove you are Chandler Bing of your group

FRIENDS is loved by all. Let it be Rachel and Ross's relationship or Joey's food, all of us are a fan of the show. And when it comes to sarcasm no one can beat Chandler, and if you are as funny as him, then here are signs which prove that you are Chandler Bing.

Updated on Aug 18, 2019 10:44 PM IST  |  22.6M
THESE are the signs which prove you are Chandler Bing of your group
THESE are the signs which prove you are Chandler Bing of your group
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F.R.I.E.N.D.S is not just a show its an emotion for people around the world. Every time we get sad or disturbed, this iconic sitcom comes to our rescue. All the scenes and dialogues are classic and timeless. We love all the characters from the show, but Chandler Bing tops the list. Its not easy to be him and crack wacky jokes. His sense of humour makes it difficult to not like him.

If you are as funny and consider humour as your coping mechanism, then my friend you are Chandler Bing. You are awkward and desperate for love. You are super emotional and love being around your friends. Still not convinced? Well, these signs will help you decide whether or not you are Chandler Bing of your group.

1. You can't take good pictures


You are a good photographer, but when it comes to your picture, you get awkward and don't end up smiling naturally.

2. You are the funniest person you know


You love cracking jokes. You are a one-man comedy show, even if no one else thinks you are.

3. Emotions aren't your thing:


You can make your friends laugh but can't handle their emotional side. You get cumbersome, but still, try to help your friends with whatever you can.

4. You ain't a good dancer but are confident about your moves 


Dancing is not your thing, but that doesn't stop you from dancing. You own your awkwardness on the dance floor.

5. You self-doubt yourself 


You are cool, hardworking, and financially sound, but you end up questioning your life and your choices at least once a week.

6. You are always honest


You are honest with your friends and don't think twice before giving them your honest opinion. Be it good or bad, you tend to speak out the truth in front of your friends.

7. Sarcasm is your go-to thing


You can pass a sarcastic comment on everything and anything. You end up making sarcastic comments even when it is not needed and that backfires at times.

8. You are desperate for love


You tend to believe that there's no one for you and you are going to die single. You have somehow convinced yourself that you will be alone for the rest of your life.

So, if you relate to all these signs, then you are Chandler Bing for sure!

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