THESE are the sports you should play as per your zodiac sign

Planning to play a new sport? Then read below to know which sport you must play as per your zodiac sign. This will help you to choose between different type of sports and you'll finally play a sport that matches your personality.
THESE are the sports you should play as per your zodiac signTHESE are the sports you should play as per your zodiac sign
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All of us have our favourite sports, and we love to play that sport in our leisure time. People with an intellectual mind prefer playing chess, while people who are always high on energy love to play a sport like football. Some people play cricket because all their friends are playing cricket, while others choose a sport because they have to. But the truth be told, there's a sport for everyone. From indoor activities like aerobics to swimming, sports not only engages you physically, but it also helps you mentally. 


And if you don't know which sports you are good at, then maybe it's time for you to know that the kind of sports you like is also related to your zodiac. Read below to know which sport you should play as per your zodiac sign. 




Aries are competitive and fiery. And hence, sprinting, martial arts and boxing are perfect for you. You love competitions, and they make you all the more excited. 




When it comes to Taureans, their plus point is stamina and endurance. It means you love team sports that require constant movement such as soccer. 




You are good at eye-hand coordination. Hence, sports like volleyball and tennis are perfect for you. You will not only enjoy playing these games, but it will also make you energised. 




Sports and cancer don't go hand in hand. If at all you are ever inclined to play sports then sailing or yoga will be your thing. You'll only play sports to relax your mind and enjoy yourself.




Leo loves to play sports that highlight and showcase their talent. Basketball, golf or surfing are the sports for you since they are right up your alley and will also give you a chance to highlight your strengths. 




Virgos like to play sports that help them to lead a healthy life. And hence ideal for you is a walk or run outside. 




Libra don't believe in taking sports seriously like others and hence they only prefer watching sports if they nothing else to do. They'll prefer watching fencing, ice-skating, gymnastics or ballet.




Scorpions aren't sports freaks, but the love adventures and thrill. Hence, extreme physical sport is a good option for you. You'll enjoy rock climbing, caving, rafting or skydiving since it'll give you that much-needed adrenaline rush. 




Saggis are known for being sharpshooters. Therefore, you'll enjoy archery. But you are good at teamwork and will enjoy team sports too. 




Capricorns prefer sports that involve endurance. Therefore, you'll prefer baseball, hockey, chess or run a marathon.




You love extreme sports. Biking is your thing. You would also take an interest in paragliding or parachute jumping.




You are water baby and hence love sports that include water. Swimming and diving are the best fit for you.

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