THESE are the things that disappoint each zodiac sign the most

Every person has a different personality. But people have one thing in common, they get disappointed. These are the things likely to disappoint you based on your zodiac sign.
People,zodiac sign,astrology,DisappointmentTHESE are the things that disappoint each zodiac sign the most
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It is impossible to please people all the time. Everyone has certain expectations in life, and if things don't go as planned, they get disappointed. Some people work through the disappointment that comes their way, others avoid the situation altogether to avoid getting hurt. But how can you know what does or doesn’t disappoint a person you care about? Astrology might be able to help. It might not tell you the exact reason why someone is disappointed in you, but it can help you figure out what is more likely to upset them. 

Zodiac signs tell us how someone might perceive things or what they desire or expect. And how they might react if these aren’t met. Along with their zodiac sign, there are other things as well that determine how or why you feel the way you do. But it gives us some perspective nonetheless.

That said, here are the things that are likely to disappoint each zodiac sign. 


Everyone loves attention, but Aries love it a tad bit more. Nothing disappoints them more than ignorance. They also get disappointed if someone doesn’t perform the set of duties assigned to them.  When people don’t do their bit, an Aries will become incensed. 


Nothing disappoints a Taurus like sexual inadequacy. A crappy lover is the worst disappointment for a Taurean, especially if they have high expectations from their partner. 


A Gemini loves sealing the deal at the best price or achieving something that doesn’t come easy to others. When an opportunity like this slips away from their hand, they get cranky as they get majorly disappointed.  


Say one thing that hurts their emotions, and you’re done. Cancer is a very sensitive sign who doesn’t handle emotions well, which is why its end game with them if you hurt or play with their emotions. Also, they might be emotional but that doesn’t mean that they will let it pass without causing a stir. 


Leos love to be on the top of every game. They get disappointed the most when other people think they can actually compete with this fire sign. They also don’t like it when the people around them don’t think of them having leadership qualities. 


Virgos hangout with only just a few and when they disappoint them, they get disgusted and don’t think twice before throwing them out of their life. The thing that disappoints a Virgo the most is someone trying to ridicule their beliefs or what they stand for. They like what they like, and no one can tell them otherwise because they won’t take it. 


Instead of getting disappointed in people, a Libra tends to find life disappointing. And when that happens, you don’t want to around them as they might take it all on you. They get the most disappointed when people expect something from them that they are not willing to give.  


While everyone gets disappointed when things don’t go their way, but it affects a Scorpio in a different way. Scorpions are so in love with their ways that sometimes they don’t even realise that they are the ones who ruined all the plans themselves. When this happens, they plummet into the depths of disappointment. 


Sagittarians are honest people, and nothing pisses them off more than liars. They have high expectations when it comes to staying true to relationships. Bring them falsity, and they will unleash hell on you. 


They hardly trust or have expectations from anyone. But if a Capricorn expects something from you, they want you to get it done as a gesture to them. Also, they will not be afraid of pointing your mistake out. They are all about business, even in relationships. 


Want to upset an Aquarius? Ask them to work in a team. They think they can perform their best as an individual. They get disappointed when they have to consider others before making the final decision, professionally or personally.


Pisces have it in their mind that they are wonderful and they tend to live in their own little world where everything seems perfect. The biggest disappointment to them is not being respected. Their ego gets bruised when people don’t treat them right. 

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Anonymous 3 months ago

All the traits are same in each zodiac sign.

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