THESE are the things every 90s kid has done atleast once

Back in the 90s everything was real and simple. We had better shows, better toffees and great cartoons. If you are a 90s kids, then here are somethings that you surely must have done once.
THESE are the things every 90s kid has done atleast onceTHESE are the things every 90s kid has done atleast once
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Time once can never come back and one such time was the 90s. Being a 90s kid, I have always cherished the time I have lived. Right from watching Khichdi and Sarabhai vs Sarabhai to getting mesmerised by Son Pari's beauty, I have lived my 90s fully. Be it playing Pokemon cards or having a Beyblade fight with friends, every 90s kid, has lived a life without phones, WhatsApp and Instagram. 


We have challenged our friends to red coloured centre shock and have binge watched Noddy back in the day. And if you are a true blue 90s kid, I am sure you'll relate to all of this. Read below to find out some amazing things that every 90s kid has done at least once. These things were a part and parcel of our lives, and we have cherished and loved every part of it. 


Watched real cartoon shows:


Right from watching pokemon with full dedication to binge-watching Powerpuff girls, every 90s' kid has watched Bob the Builder, Oswald, Tom & Jerry, Noddy and many other shows at least once. 


Smoking fake cigarettes:


Back in the 90s, we all used to love to flaunt the cigarette chocolates. The phantom cigarettes were a rage, and only a true 90s kid knows its value even now. 


Reading Tinkle religiously:


Be it Supandi or Shikari Shambu, every 90s kid loved reading Tinkle, Champak and Panchatantra. We used to wait for the next edition to come out and would be disheartened if we didn't get to read the latest version. 


Danced to the tunes of Vengaboys:


Brazil was every 90s kid's go-to jam. It still is, whenever Brazil is played in any party, 90s Kids are the first one to get on the dance floor. 


We ate tonnes of Mango Bite:


Back then in the 90s, toffees were a real thing. Mango Bite, Hajmola candy, Centre Shock and Kissmi were for real. We have even had the OG Coffee Bite that you hardly get to eat now. 


We have cried for Sanju's magic pencil:


Shaka Laka Boom Boom was taken very seriously in the 90s. All of us wanted to have Sanju's magic pencil, and once we had it, we felt on top of the world. 


Got scared by watching Aahat:


In the era, where kids watch Conjuring, we 90s kids watched some OG horror shows like Aahat. The show used to air on Sony TV and all of us were super thrilled to watch the show. 


What is your best memory of the 90s, let us know in the comments section below.

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I think the writer is sharing his own childhood.

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