THESE are the things to know before you date a Scorpion

Planning on dating a Scorpio? There are certain things you should know about this mysterious sign before you date them.
People,Scorpio,zodiac sign,Dating a ScorpioTHESE are the things to know before you date a Scorpion

Scorpio is the eighth astrological sign. People who are born between October 23 and November 21 belong to this sign. It is probably the most intense and complicated sign of the zodiac. If you are a Scorpio, you know how true it is for you and if you’ve dated one, you have had a close look. But it also the most misunderstood sign of them all. 

Did you know that Scorpions are considered the sexiest among zodiac signs? They are honest and never afraid to call a spade a spade. And they are ruled by two planets: Mars and Pluto because why settle for one. As great as Scorpions are, it is not easy to date one. While everyone has a different personality, there are some things that are common. 

Here is what you need to know before you date a Scorpion. 

1. Scorpios are passionate individuals who like to bring it to the bedroom as well. For Scorpions, physical intimacy is a way to feel closer to their partner. It doesn’t mean that this is the only way to keep them interested, but intimacy is a priority for them. 

2. Scorpios are truth-seekers. Don’t try lying to them because it’s only a matter of time before they unravel the truth. And they won’t think twice before confronting you. 

3. Scorpios are extremely loyal and expect the same from their partner. They don’t date just anybody; they take their time to commit to someone. But once they do, they are in it for the long-haul. If you are not ready to give this relationship your all, then get out before its too late. 

4. This water sign can be extremely private about their life and the people in it. So, if you don’t see your Scorpion partner posting anything on social media, it’s not because they are disloyal. They don’t like to put everything on display for the world to see. 

5. Ironically, Scorpions want to know everything about the person they’re dating. They will dig deeper into your mind to find everything they can to get closer to you and understand you. 

6. Scorpios are highly intuitive and can tell where the relationship is going or what you feel about it, without you even saying a word. So, try to be honest with them – they are going to sense it anyway. 

7. If they set their heart on a certain goal, they will do their best to achieve it. They won’t change their goals even for their partner. So, the best thing to do is to support their career goals and encourage them. 

8. They can be extremely moody. At one moment they might laugh at your joke, at another they might get offended easily. 

9. Scorpios like to keep things in control, and it is the same with relationships. 

10. If a Scorpio loves and trusts you, they will go out of the way to help you regardless of when and where you need it. 

11. Never cheat on a Scorpio because they don’t just let go. They might forgive you, but they will never forget what you did. So, don’t expect them to welcome you with open arms if you apologize to them and ask them to take you back

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Anonymous 2 months ago

OMG You are absolutely right . I am married to one and I know how it feels . Not easy gaining their trust but once you do , you are set for life .

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