These are the traits that every Sagittarius wants in their life partner

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These are the traits that a Sagittarius wants in their life partner
These are the traits that a Sagittarius wants in their life partner

Born between November 22 to December 21, Sagittarians believe in living life on the edge. They believe in enjoying every minute of life and are travel junkies who get an adrenaline rush by doing unconventional things. Sagittarians hate sticking to schedules. They don’t like following the same routine every day and want their life to be filled with unique and new experiences.

Apart from these traits, Sagittarians are also brutally honest and blunt.  They don't believe in sugar-coating things or being politically correct. Have a look at the traits that a person should have, to be a Sagittarian’s life partner. 



Since Sagittarians don't believe in being diplomatic, someone who wants to be their life partner should have the sensitivity to know that Sagittarians don't have any ill will in them. They are simply honest and free of any malice.


Sagittarians hate living life the predictable way. They have their own rules that they follow in life. If someone wants to be with a Sagittarian, they should be brave and bold enough to carve their own path and live life on their own terms.



Since Sagittarians are one of the most truthful and straightforward zodiac signs they want someone who will be as frank as they are.

Unconditional love for family

Yes, it may seem contradictory, but Sagittarians love travelling as much as they love being at home.  For them, family comes first. So their life partner should value family and should be homebound.

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