Taurus, Sagittarius, Virgo: THESE are your favourite movie genres according to your zodiac sign

Ever wondered why you’d rather watch a horror flick instead of a comedy? Well, your zodiac sign could be why!
Taurus, Sagittarius, Virgo: THESE are your favourite movie genres according to your zodiac signTaurus, Sagittarius, Virgo: THESE are your favourite movie genres according to your zodiac sign
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There probably exists not a single person who does not enjoy watching movies. Be it online, in theatres or on TV, movies are an accessible form of entertainment these days. The wide availability of all kinds of movies across platforms also means most of us have figured out what kind of movies do we enjoy the best! But have you ever wondered as to why you seem more inclined to watch movies of a particular genre instead of the other? The answer could be in the stars - literally. Read on to find out if we have correctly guessed your favourite movie genre according to your zodiac sign!




Every Taurean boasts of their dependable nature. Maybe that is why they love movies with a solid storyline that makes complete sense in the end. Thus, the favourite movie genre of every Taurean are murder mysteries where the detective eventually finds out who the criminal is. Taureans especially love the sensible and dependable hero in the movie!




Every person of the Cancer sun sign is known for their emotional depth. They are excellent at processing and communicating their emotions. Thus, they also love movies that express the same emotional depth. You will find Cancereans lining up at the theatres whenever a new family drama is released. They love the emotional overload!




One of the most friendliest zodiac signs, a Sagittarian can prove to be the best of friends. They also enjoy watching movies about friends and spend all their time daydreaming about iconic filmi friend groups they could be a part of! Lovers of buddy movies, don’t be surprised if they want to watch Dil Chahta Hai or Superbad at every sleepover!




Known for their realistic approach to life, Capricorns seek the same depiction of reality in movies as well. No wonder the hit genre among the people of this zodiac sign seems to be documentaries! They love watching documentaries to learn more about the world and have a fun time while doing so! Ever wonder how your Capricorn friends knows so much? It’s because of all the documentaries that they watch!




Often misunderstood for their solemn nature, Virgos are assumed to be rude people. But underneath their quiet nature, Virgo are fun loving, dependable and very loyal to their loved ones. Maybe that’s why Virgos enjoy watching superhero movies so much! Just like them, superheroes are often portrayed as misunderstood characters who turn out be fun, dependable people in the right company!


Im a saggitarius woman and i love romantic comedies.

I'm a taurus but I like comedy movies not murder mystery lol.

How about leo ? Lol

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