THESE are the zodiac signs who prefer brains over beauty

Some zodiac signs get attracted to people who are super smart and intelligent. Read on to know if you’re one of them.
dating advice,People,zodiac signs,astrologyTHESE are the zodiac signs who prefer brains over beauty
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Everyone has their own preference when it comes to dating. You might be attracted to the tall, dark, handsome type or someone who is very romantic and sweeps you off your feet in the first meeting. You could be attracted to someone who is free-spirited like Sagittarius or mysterious like a Scorpion. It is believed that astrology tells a lot about a person. According to astrology, some zodiac signs are sapiosexuals – the once who prefer brains over beauty.

Not everyone is attracted to beauty at first. Some signs gravitate towards intelligence like a moth to a flame. For these signs, looks take a back seat and personality takes the front stage. These are the signs who don’t mind going to a history museum or restaurant with a rich history on their first date. Are you one of the signs who prefer intelligence over other things when it comes to dating? Do you too get attracted to brains? Keep reading to know if your sign made the list.

Here are the zodiac signs who prefer dating an intelligent person over other things. 


Virgos are known for their hunger for knowledge. They are the ones with a huge database of knowledge that will help them get out of difficult situations. People born under this sign love to date people who are intelligent and skilful. When they are planning to date someone for a long time, they prefer meeting a person who has taken the time to self-educate and groom themselves to excel in life. Both Virgo men and women admire intelligence over other things. 


Geminis will capture your attention by impressively landing a clever quip in conversation. This sign is an intellectual sign who is always curious to ask a lot of questions, which is why they shine through even during small talk. So, nothing impresses a Gemini more than someone who can provide them with intellectual stimulation and give their opinions. However, there is a slight difference between what a Gemini man and woman prefers. Gemini men are attracted to good looks first, whereas Gemini women are first attracted to intellect. 


Scorpios strive for a different kind of intelligence. This sign has water as its element, which means they are deeply connected to their emotions. So, a Scorpio majorly looks for emotional intelligence. They like someone who is aware of their emotions and handle relationships empathetically. In other words, they look for a partner who understands them on a deeper level. 


Capricorns prefer a brainy over a brawny. For this sign, beauty also matters but not as much as a person with brains. For Capricorns, rationality and logic are two of the most important things in a person. They are described as ambitious, workaholic, and they always excel in everything they do, which is why they like to date a person who is equally as hard-working and ambitious as a Capricorn. 


Aquarians are on a never-ending quest for knowledge, which is why they are one of the intelligent signs of the zodiac. They also tend to be street smart. Since they are intelligent themselves, they enjoy dating someone who is at par with them intellectually. They tend to get bored with people who can’t match their intellect. Both Aquarius men and women are attracted to intelligence first.

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