People from THESE zodiac signs just cynical about love

Some zodiac signs don't have any faith in love. They don't think it's real or practical and they're very sceptical of it and this makes it difficult to tie them down in the long run.

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People from THESE zodiac signs just cynical about love

We all have things that we have doubts about, things that we truly don't or rather can't believe in. From a higher power to love, we all have that one thing that we always question. It might be something that is too good to trust that makes us very suspicious and distrustful. Now a large portion of the society, mainly the new generation is mistrustful of love. With the changing world, the meaning of love has changed and so have people. 

The dynamics of relationships have changed and love isn't the same old pure love anymore. Love has more to do with sex than it has with emotional connection. People believe more in casual flings than they do in true love. Commitment and love scare people and to be honest, it seems too good to be true. A dreamy love story that lasts for forever seems untrue and being sceptical about love often saves people from heartbreak and pain. This loss of faith in love can be a part of your personality and this might be due to your zodiac sign.

Here are some zodiac signs that are unsure of love

1. Aries

Aries are cynical by nature and they will go miles to save themselves. They have a lot of expectations and even though they're passionate, falling in love and staying in love doesn't come easy. They need someone who can live up to their expectations and if you don't or can't, they'll always remain unsure of the relationship. Deep down in their hearts, they don't think it will last and might just flee at the first sign of trouble.

2. Gemini

They hate being stuck in a rut and they constantly want change in their lives. They cannot live in the same old boring routine. They're social beings and they get along with anybody and everybody quite easily, they are after all the twins. Switching personalities and getting along comes easy to them but if you're hoping to tie down a Gemini, it might be a tough task because they've got too many options and in case you flake, they have backups. 

3. Virgo

This prim and proper sign likes to question everything and analyze everything and they have the eye for it. They find it difficult to see the positive side of things and they're too busy analyzing the negative things. This makes it very difficult for them to just blindly believe in love without weighing the pros and cons and analyzing their "partner". 

4. Sagittarius

They love their freedom. They are explorers and they love a good adventure and a story to tell. They don't want to be tied down in mainstream life like every other person. They pave their own path and they need someone who will walk with them instead of pulling them back. They don't truly believe that anyone can love them enough to give them their space and freedom and not come in their way. 

5. Capricorn

They are too focused on their dreams and ambition. They spend a lot of time working towards their goals and they don't want to be distracted. They don't want to let anything come in their way but deep down they're just vulnerable beings who want love but they will not go ahead with a relationship till they're sure that it won't come in their way and their partner is a realist.

6. Aquarius

They like being busy and they want to do multiple things at a time but in the middle of this chaos finding love seems impossible to them. They value the other relationships in their lives but love is a risk that they won't take easily. Keeping up with them is difficult but if you can do that, they may just end up in a long-term relationship with you. 


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May 21, 2022 11:01 PM
My personal experience does not support the ranking of Aries as the # 1 cynic of the Zodiac, but of course, life is not just about rules but also exceptions to the rule.