THESE zodiac signs are shy and think twice before speaking

While some people are outgoing and vocal, others are quiet and shy. Have a look at 5 such zodiac signs who are timid and who prefer keeping to themselves.
THESE zodiac signs are shy and think twice before speaking
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There is always this one person at a party who sits in a corner and just observes everybody from a distance. That person is not arrogant or lonely, but shy. Someone shy might feel hesitant or insecure in talking their heart out. They might feel conscious and therefore be submissive in public.


Such a person is not necessarily an introvert or a loner, but just someone who takes time in opening up. Once they do, there is no stopping them! So here are 5 such zodiac signs who are shy and who, therefore, often find it hard to put their point across.


Cancerians are timid and shy beings. They usually believe in observing other people and are also great listeners. They are considerate and sensitive people who by being quiet, can assess people’s personalities. 


They think before putting their point across. Virgos first imagine the consequences of their statements and therefore, come across as shy and quiet. They are mindful and can often miss the opportunity to speak at the right time because of this habit.


Mysterious is another name for Scorpions, they are guarded and secretive and therefore, do not open up to new people till they are convinced. They keep to themselves and might at times, come across as snooty because of their aloofness.


Capricorns are inherently shy people. They take time to open up and often push themselves to be more outgoing and vocal in social settings. They do have leadership qualities in them but because of their timidness, these get suppressed.


Pisces-born people are the most comfortable around the people they know. They are fun, adventurous and witty. But put them in a group of strangers and it will seem as if they don’t have a voice.

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Anonymous 2 weeks ago

I am gemini and I am shy and think twice before speaking

Anonymous 1 month ago

Why pisces on the list!?