THESE zodiac signs are social media addicts

Daily Horoscope: Love spending time on social media? Well, if you spend more time on social media than you should, then there's a possibility that you are a social media addict. Read below to find out if your zodiac sign is in here.
THESE zodiac signs are social media addictsTHESE zodiac signs are social media addicts
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We love spending time on social media. Be it stalking our crushes or checking what our fave celeb is up to has become our favourite pastime. We not only like to post how we feel on social media, but social media has become an emerging platform to voice our opinions too. Some people believe that social media is a curse since everyone is constantly on their phone, and people don't make conversations anymore. But others feel that social media is a blessing in disguise since we are now updated with everything in real-time. 


I am not saying that social media is bad, but not knowing where to draw a line is not good either. And if you are someone who constantly keeps on checking social media apps, then you might be one of the zodiac signs that are addicted to social media. Read below to know which other zodiac signs are addicted to social media. 




Geminis are social in real life and they have a habit of checking all their social media accounts as soon as they wake up in the morning. They love to voice their opinions on social media and talk about things that they're passionate about. 




Scorpions are lurkers. They love to know what's going on someone else's life but are secretive when it comes to their life. Their social media isn't going to tell you much, but they're going in, and they'll know almost everything about you.




Leos are great at sharing selfies, magical moments with their significant other, delicious food pictures, their shopping indulgence and exquisite travel photos. And naturally, they have a ton of followers. 




Librans are pro at social media. They are sharers and lurkers and are great at stalking. Libras will have all their social media pages and sites active and open. They love keeping a tab on their exes life and compare how better their life is than theirs. 




Sagittarians are the casual social media user - all their posts are carefully curated to put them in the best possible light. They share a lot and posting on social media is like a job for Sagis, and since they're constantly on it, they become addicted to it.


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