THESE zodiac signs love doing pranks on people

When it comes to being pranksters, there are some zodiac signs who are at the top of the list. Here are the top 4 signs who are always pulling pranks on people.
THESE zodiac signs love doing pranks on people
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Being funny is a good thing and in fact, an attractive quality. When you crack jokes on your shortcomings, people laugh and you laugh with them. But when you make people laugh at the expense of other people, then it can be a problem. Such people like making other people feel stupid and like catching them off guard.


They pull pranks on others and make people laugh. These people often come across as being entertaining and witty and take pride in being the biggest prankster there is. Have a look at some such zodiac signs who enjoy pulling pranks on other people and are the ultimate jokesters.



Aries-born people are bold and witty. They never think twice before doing something outrageous and unexpected. So they often pull carefully-planned pranks on people around them to keep things fun and exciting.




Geminis are fun and adventurous people who are always high on life and hate the idea of being bored or being in dull surroundings. Thus, to make things interesting they often pull pranks on other people to simply have a good time and a hearty laugh.


Scorpios are fun-loving and daring beings who in their attempt to have fun, may often cross the line while pulling pranks on people, but they mean well. All they want is to make people laugh and lighten the mood. 


Sagittarians don’t like the idea of monotony and want to keep things interesting and fun. They are outgoing and humorous souls who know how to make people laugh. They love to prank their friends and catch them off guard!

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