Tips to be more OUTGOING and SOCIAL when you are an introvert

Being an introvert, it can be increasingly difficult for you to go out of your way and meet new people. So try these simple and easy-to-implement ways to be more social and outgoing and come out of your shell.
Tips to be more OUTGOING and SOCIAL when you are an introvert
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Introverts are people who don’t prefer being the centre of attention and who like being part of an intimate circle instead of a large gathering. They are the ones who need alone time to recharge and prefer listening to people rather than speaking.

We are social beings who need friends and tight-knit friendships to survive. When it comes to introverts, it is a tad bit more difficult for them to make friends and socialise than it is for other people. So here are 5 ways for introverts to meet new people and form long-lasting connections.

Act confident

Everybody has their own set of insecurities and flaws, it is just that some of them are better at hiding them. So even if you are feeling nervous or it seems like your heart will beat out of your chest, the moment you approach a stranger, just act confident and you will automatically feel confident. 

Be inquisitive

The key to being more outgoing is to keep asking questions to people and be interested and curious about what they are saying. Ask open-ended questions to strike a conversation with people and take it forward with ease.

Accept yourself

It is not a bad thing to be an introvert. Accept who you are and don’t beat yourself too much for it and become aware of your strengths and weaknesses. 

Be comfortable with rejection

At times when you approach a stranger, it might be that they are not interested in talking to you, so don’t get disheartened and learn to be comfortable with rejection and keep trying.

Set goals

While to be outgoing you will have to push yourself a little, you don’t need to exhaust yourself by over socialising. So set goals as to how many new people you will talk to and to what extent will you go to to form and build your relationships.

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