Today Horoscope, November 29, 2019: Check daily astrology prediction for your zodiac sign Taurus, Leo, Virgo

Horoscope Today, November 29, 2019: Check daily astrology prediction and horoscope for the day for your zodiac signs Aries, Gemini, Cancer, Libra, Scorpio, and Capricorn. Know what’s in store for you according to your zodiac.
Today Horoscope, November 29, 2019: Check daily astrology prediction for your zodiac sign Taurus, Leo, VirgoToday Horoscope, November 29, 2019: Check daily astrology prediction for your zodiac sign Taurus, Leo, Virgo
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Aries sign people will spend a better than what went through recently.  There will be minor obstacles and problems but nothing will stop. Your work will carry on. You must listen to elder people at home or your seniors as their advice will help you to make significant achievements.  You will continue to benefit from the support of your brother. Financially, things should continue to get brighter.  



Taurus sign people will remain anxious and worried about almost everything. You might have enough energy to face the world and go about your normal work in an upbeat fashion.  Your health stars are weak. So, you must take precaution. You need to control your tendency to indulge. You need to stay at home as much as possible. That will keep the challenging possibilities under control. Your daily expenditure will be heightened. 



Gemini sign people should be ready for a windfall when it comes to monetary gains. There will be peace and tranquillity at home and in the relationships. You will gain further confidence and develop a sense of stake in your intelligence and abilities.  Things will shine bright on the occupational front. You may plan anew business.  Do not participate in other’s conflicts or do not blow own minor conflicts into bigger issues.



Cancer sign people will be down with illness and weakness. There are high chances that you will spend the day in the hospital. However, work-related demands will continue to be there which might keep your irritable. Students will continue to work hard.  If you have a grown-up child, he/she may engage you in an emotional discussion. Your expenditure will be heightened today. You will be on your feet throughout the day. 


Leo sign people will earn more money than they usually do. Things will remain positive and upbeat for those who are employed in a job. There are chances of a transfer or promotion being proposed for you. You will rise as a very popular person among your professional colleagues. Do not pay attention to useless issues and ignore the misunderstandings.  Your child may be in a demanding mood. There will be general harmony.  

Virgo sign people will find the day to be full of problems and difficulties. There will be several conflicting situations in which you will find it very difficult to resolve and settle the issue by making a choice. You have to become more vigilant about who you consider as your friend as they may think otherwise and may try to harm you. Your health stars are vulnerable and you must exercise strict control. However, there will not be any problem on the financial front.  


Libra sign people will spend a cheerful and positive day. Things will move on smoothly on the occupational front. You might get appreciated for your contribution to an important assignment. There may be chances of getting another cherished portfolio. There will be love and harmony at home.  You must remain available to your family members especially the sister. You may have to travel to a distant town today. Students will find themselves in a favourable situation.  



Scorpio sign people may start working on a new project or, at least, finalise it. It may turn the wheel of financial fortunes in the times to come. There will be inflow of money. There will be harmony at home. Your soft and influential way of talking or arguing will win you several favours including a lucrative deal. Your health may be under the rough weather. Your work will proceed smoothly. Do not try to resolve other’s problems. 


Sagittarius sign people will spend a happy and relaxed day in which there will be less or no worries about the worldly issues. You will make multifarious gains. There will be progress in all the important matters including your personal projects. People will be overall positivity around you. You may be appreciated for your contribution in the workplace and given more decision making authority.  You may enhance your personal style.  There will be a fresh spark between lovers. 
Capricorn sign people will remain very busy in solving problems today. There will be many demanding situations and people. Things might get onto your nerves too. Your health stars look vulnerable as a chronic problem may persist to bother you.  There will be tensions on the monetary front as well as the income may not be in proportion to your expenditure. This will be a good day for learning complex ideas. You will get peace and relief in the company of your partner. Stay at home. 
Aquarius sign people will make achievements and complete their work successfully. If you need people’s help, you will get it without even asking for it.  Your positive stars will favour you in all the aspects of life and place you in an advantageous position. You may finalize a new deal to increase your income.  Your spouse will make solid gains on account of your favourable stars.  


Pisces sign people will hear good things throughout the day about themselves as well as others. If you appear in an interview, in all likelihood, you will get the job. Listen to your family elders or seniors at work. It will be beneficial for you. Do not lose concentration when it comes to work. Money or money-related good news should pour in out of the blue. Your sister or mother will prove useful in a special manner. 

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