Try these 4 ways to maximise your work from home productivity

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Try these 4 ways to maximise your work from home productivity

Working from home is definitely much easier and convenient than working in an office. Unlike in an office, you aren’t under constant supervision and you can take as many breaks as you like! But in spite of these perks, working from home can get pretty boring, dull, monotonous and lonely after a point.

At such times, it sure becomes challenging to maintain your productivity and be efficient and alert every single day. So we have for you some clever ways to enhance your productivity and be your most attentive self while working from home!

Wear headphones


There can be many distractions and noises that can make it difficult for you to focus. From your dog barking (if you have one) to your mother chatting away to glory on her phone, these things can hamper your productivity and break your chain of thought. So it is best to wear noise-cancelling headphones while working from home, to maintain your focus and concentration. 


Keep incorporating changes in your workspace


Sitting on the same old chair and working on the same old laptop can get pretty monotonous after a point. From changing the cover of your laptop to buying a new “to do” notebook, try and make as many changes as you can to keep things fresh.

Plan your day


When you start your work, plan your tasks and accordingly divide them throughout the day. Stick to a schedule to avoid chaos and clutter and enhance your efficiency. 


Have a social life


It may seem ironic that in order to enhance your productivity at work, you need to have a social life, but having a social circle can help you unwind and relax and this can, in turn, make you more efficient and alert once you get back to work.


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