THESE are the countries you must visit based on your zodiac sign

Is your dream travel destination the same as the country that you must visit according to your zodiac sign?
THESE are the countries you must visit based on your zodiac signTHESE are the countries you must visit based on your zodiac sign
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Most of us share a passion for travel but while deciding which country it is that you should visit, we get confused. May be your dream travel destination is written in the stars? Read on to find out if we have correctly guessed your dream destination according to your zodiac sign!


Aries love everything to do with art and creativity. They will especially love The Netherlands for its canals, vast stretches of tulip fields, windmills, beautiful cycling routes and Van Gogh Museum!




If you want to experience what luxury truly feels like, you must visit Italy. Luxury lovers themselves, Taurus people don’t hold back when it comes to living lavishly and that’s why they love seeing the grand palazzos, palaces and villas of Italy!




Geminis are extremely outgoing and love visiting places where they can socialise with others. Mexico has been on their must-visit list for a long time precisely for this very reason. Mexico City has a thriving nightlife and Geminis can’t wait to explore it!




Cancerians tend to be really protective about their space and they love to explore thoroughly. Hungary is the perfect destination for Cancer zodiac sign. This landlocked country is home to Danube River and the city of Budapest has endless architecture marvels to explore!




The lovers of all things royals, Leos will love to visit England. Still the seat of modern monarchy, Leos are bound to have a great time visiting Buckingham Palace and learning more about the royal family!




Virgos are extremely disciplined and love following rules. No wonder Japan seems like the perfect tourist destination to them. They’d love to see the country’s famed obsession with discipline with their own eyes!



Librans are obsessed with maintaining harmony in their lives. Just like Librans, the country of Turkey is known for delicately balancing its rich historical past and modern outlook. If you are Libra, you must visit Turkey!



Adventurous and daredevils by nature, Scorpions can travel any length to seek adventure. Scuba diving at the Great Barrier Reef is their dream adventure sport and that’s why Australia tops their must visit destination!



Sagittarius people were born to explore. Bhutan with its beautiful hills and untouched forests hit a chord with the explorer in every Sagittarian!





Capricorns are extremely self reliant and don’t need anyone to come with them on vacation. They are most likely to book a solo trip to Spain. Spain is one of the easiest countries to visit on your own and Capricorns seem to love that about Spain!



Aquarians are water babies and they absolutely love beaches. They love the sand and the sea, and that’s why Maldives is the ideal destination for them!





Big fans of music and romance, Pisceans are drawn to the romantic ambience of France. In fact, kissing their s/o in front of the Eiffel Tower tops their bucket list!

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