The ULTIMATE list of best films to watch on your New Year’s Eve movie marathon

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The ULTIMATE list of best films to watch on your New Year’s Eve movie marathon

2020 has been quite the eventful year. To say the very least, it has turned our lives upside down! Be it the lockdown, the social distancing measures, the sudden surge in working from home and of course, the virus. So since we have been doing things differently all through 2020, the last day of this year, is no different.

Contrary to popular opinion, it can be equally fun and interesting to spend New Year’s Eve at home, instead of partying away to glory in a club all night. You just have to soak in the festive spirit, even if you are in your PJs! So we have for you a list of the very best films to watch on New Year’s Eve and get the festive spirit on!

New Year’s Eve

The name says it all. This star-studded film has actors including Zac Efron, Jon Bon Jovi, Ashton Kutcher, Robert De Niro and many more. It is a romantic comedy that will keep you hooked and the fact that it is based around New Year’s Eve, is enough to make this film a must-watch.

Sleepless in Seattle

This famous Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan film has to be on your watchlist on New Year’s Eve. It is funny, emotional and incredibly romantic and will lift your spirits!

Sex and the City

This film is all about glitz and glam and the unbreakable friendship between four women. It shows New York City in all its glory and is a powerful depiction of feminism and womanhood. Watch this film to adore Sarah Jane Dias and be in awe of the stunning Kim Cattrall. 

When Harry met Sally

Starring Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal in lead roles, this insanely famous film has to be an all-time favourite for New Year’s Eve. It is a romantic comedy that shows two friends and how they evolve with time and their equations change as they find themselves maturing and growing.

Holiday Inn

A classic holiday favourite, this movie has Bing Crosby, Virginia Dale, Marjorie Reynolds and Fred Astaire in leading roles. This film has all the right vibes needed to cheer you up and get you in the festive spirit.

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