Useful tips to converse with daughters about sexual health and why it is important

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Useful tips to converse with daughters about sexual health and why it is important

A mother plays an important role in her daughter's life from the moment she is born. She investigates every aspect of it, from defending her at every step to taking care of every good and bad touch. Whether it is periods or personal items for her daughter, the mother takes care of everything until her daughter is old enough to take care of herself. A mother and her daughter talk about a lot of things, but when the subject of sex comes up, many mothers try to avoid it.

Furthermore, when the daughter has sexual intercourse for the first time, she may be filled with apprehensions and inhibitions about pain, orgasms, and so on. To avoid this state of mind, a mother should talk about sex with her teenage or adult daughter well before a situation of confusion occurs, so that she knows her mother is there for her. This instils a sense of security and forms a close bond where the mother then becomes a confidant. The daughter would then approach her mother if she needs help without hesitation.

Mother-daughter relationship

In every family, a mother-daughter duo can serve as the best example of sisterhood. As a result, communication about a sensitive subject like sex is crucial. The mother has the majority of the time to decide whether or not to begin a sex conversation. According to studies, sexual communication between mothers and daughters does not always influence daughters' sexual choices. Furthermore, it's possible that merely discussing sexuality-related issues isn't enough to generate positive results. Nonetheless, they should be discussed because it may encourage the daughter to confide in her mother in the long run. And if you don't teach your daughter about sex, the baton will fall to someone else, who may give your child incorrect advice, so why not teach your daughter about sex yourself?

Why is it necessary to teach teenage girls about sex and pregnancy?

We have all heard about the increasing number of adolescent pregnancies. One of the ramifications of a lack of understanding is this, teenagers often find themselves in precarious situations and are notoriously rash. These young girls turn to the internet for help because their parents do not have healthy conversations with them about sex and pregnancy. However, not all information on the internet can be trusted at face value. As a result, parents must discuss these issues with their children. While both boys and girls need to be educated, this information should never be withheld from a daughter. A mother’s role is extremely significant in this situation.

A woman is, after all, always a safe haven for another woman. When it's your mum, your comfort zone transforms into a safe zone. A mother should, without a doubt, talk to her teenage daughters about sex and pregnancy. For some mothers, having a discussion about these issues may be difficult. However, it is a gradual process. As a result, adolescence is the best time for them to realise all of this. There is a risk of oppression, suffering, and scarring if they are inundated with all of these thoughts just before their marriage.

A few suggestions for how to begin a conversation shared by Dr Madhavi Reddy of Motherhood Hospitals.

Begin as soon as possible and communicate constantly. Don't try to cover all at once, and don't worry if you think you've gone overboard. Don't worry if you haven't started talking to your child yet. It is never too late to begin a new endeavour.

Keep it basic and age-appropriate in your language. “Babies grow in a special place inside the mother's body called a uterus,” a three-year-old might be satisfied with. A 6-year-old may have more concerns about the baby's development and how it will turn out.

Use appropriate terminology when referring to body parts and functions. This will also help to protect your child from abuse because they would be able to express themselves if they believe they have been abused.

To start the conversation, use teachable moments. Talk to them about and help them understand issues that they see on TV, in movies, in commercials, in music, in the news, and in the community. This is also an excellent opportunity to discuss your values and beliefs.

Learn what they already know about them. Inquire of your child about what they know about a particular sexual topic. In school, older children may hear remarks or words that they don't understand. Inquiring about what they know will provide you with the opportunity to correct any incorrect information. Discuss emotions, relationships, and how they affect others in addition to facts.

The mother and daughter relationship keeps reinventing as the daughter grows older. Here communication is the key between them and that window must always be open. The more discussions happen with your daughter and this evolves over a period of time and thus preparing her with the right kind of information which will aid them with the right tools as they grow older.

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