Valentine's Day 2020 Special: Shivani Bafna on her viral Paris proposal video: Our parents were in tears

Valentine's Day 2020 Special: Here's everything you need to know about the viral Paris proposal video.
Valentine's Day 2020 Special: Shivani Bafna on her viral Paris proposal video: Our parents were in tearsValentine's Day 2020 Special: Shivani Bafna on her viral Paris proposal video: Our parents were in tears
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Marriage proposal is one of the biggest moments of our lives that we will cherish forever. We also want to ensure that the proposal is not only perfect but also unforgettable as we see in movies. And today, we are talking about one such super dreamy and straight out of a Bollywood movie proposal. Imagine someone proposing right in front of the Eiffel Tower in the presence of family and friends. Yes,it sounds like a movie scene; however, that happened to one of the luckiest girls, Shivani Bafna.

For the unversed, Shyam Shah, an NRI-based out of New York, proposed to Shivani at the Trocadero Gardens at Eiffel Tower. The couple were in a long-distance relationship for the last one and a half years. Now, the proposal video which will give serious goals to guys has gone viral on the internet. From receiving her in a huge limousine to gifting her the perfect red gown for the proposal, the video will make you shed happy tears. In the video, we can see Shah dancing to Hrithik Roshan’s song Tu Meri from Bang Bang and Shah Rukh Khan’s Mere Naam Tu From Zero, and then, he got down on one knee and proposed to Shivani. The onlookers, as well as Shivani's parents, were completely spellbound.

On the occasion of Valentine's Day, in an exclusive tete a tete with Shivani, we asked her to reveal more about the viral proposal video. She revealed how they have been in a long-distance relationship since last year and a half. She said, "I have been working in Mumbai in the entertainment industry; Shyam is an investment banker in NYC, so he has been working crazy hours; last year we saw each other for just 7 days. We always had the intention that this will be endgame and we wanted to marry each other, but I was not expecting proposal whatsoever and nor I was not expecting proposal of this kind."

Check out the video right here:


Bafna added, "I think the proposal was magical but the effort that went in creating the video is just beyond me because to coordinate with over 90 of my family and friend and getting exact choreography, following with people, then the dances he did. He recorded Mujhse Shaadi Karoge at Times Square and it is madness. He works a very intense job I didn't have any whiff that all this was being planned behind my back." "My biggest surprise was when my friends came out and danced and that point I was like holy-shit. For my friends and family to fly out all the way to Paris was so so surreal."

When asked about her friends and family's reaction when they saw it live as well as the video, she shared, "When Shyam was explaining the idea what he wanted to do, I think they didn't fully get what he really wanted to do the video and how it will flow. And a week after the proposal we flew to Michigan and we saw the footage together (me, Shyam and our parents) I think all four parents were in tears. Because I think it was so emotional to see how beautifully everything turned out and the amount of effort and time and the execution to make this happen. Even in Paris, because they didn't really understand it I think when everything came together and when they saw live, I think they were blown away."

She also opened up on the negative comments that poured in on the video. Shivani stated, "A lot of people commented that this could happen with money, people don't know that Shyam has worked so incredibly hard to pay for everything. He didn't a single dollar from his parents. A lot of people have money but what they don't do is the time and effort to choreograph the dance to compile the video, message and call up family members and co-ordinate everything, figure out the logistics and plan it out and this is something that cannot happen overnight. He was planning since May, this has been going in his brain for six months and he was coordinating with locals in Paris for 4 months."



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Shyam took the Bollywood route, so when asked whether they are Bollywood buffs, she said, "We are major Bollywood buffs. We actually met as dance partners for our college's Diwali show. And we instantly bonded over the mutual love for Bollywood, actor sand gossip. We are definitely Bollywood keedas."

When asked how Shyam came up with the idea, she revealed, "Two of my cousins sent Shyam the Justin Baldoni proposal video and that kind of inspired him. He wanted some production and some kind of storyline and he realised how filmy we both are. He kind wanted to recreate something magical and Bollywood like. At the core, it was just trying to create a very special and magical moment."

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