Virgo, Cancer, Taurus: 4 Zodiac signs that are most compatible with Sanjana Sanghi

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Zodiac signs compatible with Virgo

Though Sanjana Sanghi appeared in many Hindi films as supporting roles, her major work has been seen in the movie Dil Bechara where she acted opposite of Late actor Sushant Singh Rajput. Her debutant film was Rockstar where she worked as a child artist and later was seen in different supporting characters like Hindi Medium, Fukrey Returns, etc.

Sanjana Sanghi’s Zodiac Sign

Sanjana Sanghi was born on September 2 1996 which makers her a Virgo personality. Virgos are considered to be the most perfectionist people who cannot keep things flawed. They will notice small and every detail and will make it perfect. These people are organised, disciplined, loyal and hardworking people. So, here are 4 zodiac signs that are most compatible with Virgo.


Cancer is the nurturing zodiac sign who can soothe an anxious Virgo bringing emotional depth and commitment to the relationship. With Cancerians, Virgo learn to become caring, homely, lovable, and romantic persons.  On the other hand, Virgos show them how to be rational in life as Cancerians are very sensitive and intuitive persons. Virgos are perfectionists who always give thoughtful gifts to their partners, which makes romantic and nostalgic Cancerians happy.


Taureans love to be served and Virgos love to being adored in their private place. So, this makes their bonding strong, charming and happy. Because both Virgos and Taureans are loyal and compassionate persons who give full commitment to the relationship.


Capricorns and Virgos both are organised and hardworking people. They both appreciate the effort on a work over anything. So, Capris and Virgos make a good pair together because they both are practical and disciplined people. Perfectionist Virgos will be attracted to Capri’s time management skills.


When two Virgos are together, then things are in spark. They talk about how to make things perfect, how to create a perfect family and bonding. They will both put equal effort to make things flawless in the relationship.


A Virgo loves excellence and a Scorpion is dedicated towards their goal. They are ambitious, focused and hardworking people whose dedication catches Virgo’s attention. And together they create a wonderful bonding.

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