Virgo, Libra, Gemini: THESE zodiac signs aren't comfortable with emotions

When it comes to emotions, not everyone is comfortable to essay what they are feeling. Read below to find out which zodiac signs do not prefer showing their emotions to others and prefer to keeping it to themselves.
Virgo, Libra, Gemini: THESE zodiac signs aren't comfortable with emotionsVirgo, Libra, Gemini: THESE zodiac signs aren't comfortable with emotions
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When it comes to emotions, everyone is not comfortable to share what they are feeling at the moment. Some people speak openly about their feelings and emotions, while others refrain from having such conversations. For some people, showcasing emotions and feelings is healthy, while others think that not everyone will understand their situation. When it comes to emotions, astrology plays a key role in it. As per astrology, especially some zodiac signs seem to have a difficult time with their emotions. They internalize their feelings and hope that if they ignore, then they’ll go away. 


Emotions can make us feel as if we’re out of control. While some have no control over their emotions, they’ve learned to live with exposing their feelings openly; but others feel that showing their emotions make them powerless and vulnerable. Read below to find out which zodiac signs are afraid of showing their emotions. 




When it comes to Virgos, they are sensitive but rarely allow people to see their emotions. They usually don't speak about their emotional state, but their eyes give it away all the time. If a Virgo is upset or in an emotional turmoil, the last thing they want or need is someone's help. Virgos prefer to figure things out for themselves and will reject help even if they need it.




Librans at times behave apathetically, and pretend that nothing affects them emotionally. Whereas they try to repress their emotions and most of the times, it backfires on them. They care deeply for others and would never want to bring anyone down because of their emotions, so they hide them. Hence, Librans prefer being indifferent and don't like to share what they are feeling. 




Taureans are strong, and they like to behave in a certain way. As per them, showcasing of emotions is like revealing your weak spots to everyone, hence when they feel something, they prefer to keep it to themselves. They need alone time to process their feelings. Even after that, if someone pesters Taureans, they stubbornly refuse to divulge. 




Pisces are filled with emotions, and they don't prefer talking much about it. They'd rather express their feelings in a work of art or a creative project rather than talk about them. Pisces is empathetic and in tune with other people's feelings. They become sad and angry when someone is feeling those emotions.




Geminis can deal with their positive feelings, it's their negative feelings that they cannot handle. They have this get over it attitude, which makes them come off as harsh human beings. They usually disconnect when it comes to emotions. 

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