Virgo, Libra, Scorpio: THIS is how your zodiac sign handles money and finances

Updated on Apr 16, 2020 12:00 AM IST  |  3.2M
Virgo, Libra, Scorpio: THIS is how your zodiac sign handles money and finances

Each person is different when it comes to money and finances. Some like to save while others splurge or indulge themselves in retail therapy. Most people are different and the way they deal with money depends a lot on their zodiac personalities. Astrology can say a lot about you and how you are as a person. Here’s how your zodiac sign handles money and financial matters. 


Aries, you can be defined as ‘unpredictable’ when it comes to money matters. To prove our point here, you can agree to the fact that you are super careful at one point and surprisingly an overspender at the other. While both your financial personalities balance each other out, sometimes you do not know which side is winning.


You always find a way to indulge in things that you really want. Be it a spa appointment or a bag that you’re eyeing on. In the words of Ariana Grande, if you want it, you get it. Now, this does not mean you’re born with a silver spoon. But, every now and then you make compromises for things that you really want. This is when your naturally stubborn attitude makes a positive impact.


You’re a little crazy when it comes to wanting something. Your ‘I want it now attitude’ has it’s own perks but at times it works against your finances. You should find a way to invest and save in things and places where it is difficult to withdraw money when you are itching to buy a new pair of designer shoe. 


When it comes to finances, you’re pretty much a pro at it. You know you would want to occasionally indulge in some retail therapy. Which is why when you set a budget for yourself, you consider all the things from necessities to splurges. You trust your gut when it comes to money matters and so far you’re doing okay!


Leo, this is where your personality takes over. You like to be the centre of attention in everyone’s life. Which is why you splurge your money on gifts and people. You like the attention they give you and this is the main reason why you tend to go over budget. 


Virgo, you are smart. So, when it comes to buying something, you’ll do your research and pick the best deal. However, even you are human and occasionally tend to splurge more than you can. But, considering that you are cautious the other times, you tend to balance out the finances. 


Libra you’re super balanced with your finances when compared to the other zodiac signs. You know where to invest your money and where to splurge. However, you only tend to go out of line with your retail buys when you know that there are enough savings in the bank. You do not splurge regularly and are almost good throughout the year. Which is why you deserve the occasional debit card swipes. 


Just like every other thing in your life, you’re passionate when it comes to your finances. You like full control over your finances which is the main reason why you research before buying anything. You like to get the maximum benefit of the money that you’re putting in to buy a product.


What is money? They’re peanuts. Sagis like to earn experiences so, they’d rather go on a trip than secure the money in a closed locker. They like to keep it easy and no not overthink when it comes to their finances. 


You are a gifted saver. When it comes to buying something, you’ll either stop yourself from doing so or find a better deal where you can save money. You tend to overthink about your savings how far you’ve come. Saving is sort of your guilty pleasure which is why you’re always finding a way to do it.


You are a man of your hobbies, you like change. So, every now and then we can find you splurging on a new musical instrument or a new wardrobe altogether. You do not splurge otherwise, so balancing it all out is an art that you’re slowly learning.


Do we need to say this? Well, it is your selfless nature that keeps getting you in trouble. If you lend someone money and they make an emotional excuse and do not give it back, you’re most likely to forget that that money even existed. You consider charity as a saving. 

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